Netflix Gives Viewers Rare Peek at the Ships From One Piece

Ever since the big announcement, Netflix has been fairly secretive about their upcoming live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s monolith pirate manga and anime, One Piece. But earlier today, the official Twitter account of the series gave an exclusive look behind the scenes of the show, including the construction of one of the major ships! Check it out below!

The clip starts off with an introduction of showrunners Steve Maeda and Matt Owens, and Iñaki Godoy who stars as the straw-hatted Luffy. The three are in South Africa and standing on the deck of one of the ships, bringing One Piece to life! Owens comments on his enthusiasm for the sets.


“As the biggest One Piece fan, it’s been exciting seeing my favorite pieces from the manga become a reality!”

What follows is a series of clips featuring high rendered concept art of the whimsical ships, we see Miss Love Duck, The Going Merry, and the Baratie. But soon, we are treated to a special kind of footage, the very construction of the Baratie! Steve Maeda comments on the long process that production has taken in order to get the world just right.

“Because of the level of detail and attention that goes into all of these sets, they take a good amount of time! I mean, right now we’re building Arlong’s map room. It’s already been a couple of weeks, but it’s a big build because it’s a really important location. A lot of drama goes down in there. A lot of action goes down in there. So we have to get it just right.”

Soon, we’re given quick shots of the completed Baratie, and what looks possible filmmaking tidbits! We see the ship from all sorts of angles, including inside the mouth of the giant fish head in front, which homes an elaborately designed bar. We then see a tease of the other two ships, showcasing just how much effort has been put into bringing this world from page to screen!

Set Sail for One Piece

The Going Merry from Netflix’s One Piece

When it comes to the world of anime, One Piece is a high-tier juggernaut. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew of misfits as they sail away on adventures to find the legendary treasure known as the “One Piece”. The manga, which made its debut in 1997, is still going strong and has spanned over 100 volumes. The anime, premiering in 1999, is also going strong as well with an impressive 1020+ episodes! With a length like that, One Piece has brought with itself an impressive fan base from around the world, and they are all eyeing Netflix with both excitement and suspicion.

Netflix has had a rough history involving live-action adaptations of popular anime. In 2017 the streaming platform released a live-action film based on the manga Death Note. Though the film was met with mostly negative reviews, a sequel has been announced and is currently still in development. In 2021, Netflix tried again with a live-action Cowboy Bebop series. The feedback was generally mixed and led to the streaming service canceling the show a month after its premiere. While the phrase usually goes “third time’s the charm,” with a series as out there as One Piece it’s hard to say whether or not they will turn out on top this time. That being said, it’s always an absolute joy to see traditional sets being utilized. The ships themselves are some of the most iconic imagery in the manga, and seeing them in the flesh rather than in cheaper options like CGI is a testament to how much the crew cares about the source material.