Netflix Announces Masters of the Universe: Revolution Will Continue Kevin Smith’s Animated Series

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is coming to Netflix to continue Kevin Smith’s reboot sequel to the 80s cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Announced as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week, the new animated series will pick up from the events of Masters of the Universe: Revelation. According to the sparse details released by Netflix, the series will bring the action back to the age-old battle of good and evil between He-Man and Skeletor.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation arrived on Netflix as a two-part series that took its main cues from the original He-Man cartoon of the 80s. While many enjoyed what Kevin Smith’s project brought to the table, some fans believed the show spent too much of its focus on characters other than He-Man, something that it seems Smith is addressing in the new series. Smith shared a poster for the upcoming series on his Twitter account, where he said:


“After Revelation comes REVOLUTION! I’m ecstatic to be making more @MastersOfficial with @Mattel and @powerhouseanim for @netflix! Big thanks to everyone who streamed our show last summer! You gave us the Power to go back to Grayskull for another epic Eternian adventure!”

Masters of the Universe: Revolution will be the next chapter in the battle for Eternia and will pit He-Man and Skeletor against each other “like they have never been seen before.” Of course, Revelation ended with Skeletor being upgraded and the presence of Hordak being felt. How all of this will come to fruition in the new series is something we will have to wait a little longer to find out, as there are currently no other details about the show.

Mark Hamill Has Already Confirmed His Return as Skeletor

Back in April, Mark Hamill suggested that work was underway on the continuation of Kevin Smith’s successful revival of the Masters of the Universe franchise. While there had been no official word on when a second season would be coming, Hamill shared a post announcing that he would be spending the day recording new dialogue for Skeletor before spending the following day recovering.

Kevin Smith has also been less than secretive that he fully expected the series to come back for more action and even had some ideas of characters he hoped to include in the new episodes that were missing from Revelation. He said last year:

“You literally just mentioned two names we tried to shoehorn into our story. If we get to do a Season 2, be assured you will probably be seeing those cats. But we tried. We were like, “All right, what if we did this?” But it turned out we were like, “If we get to do a Season 2, based on what we seeded in Season 1, Mekaneck will be a very useful character there.” And same thing with Granamyr as well. But it’s an embarrassment of riches with Masters of the Universe because the bench is so deep. I’m sure by the end of Revelation, there will be people who are mad at us, not because of anything we did the story, but because we didn’t include their favorite figure.”

Expect more details on Masters of the Universe: Revolution soon.