Ms. Marvel’s AvengerCon Gets Its Own Promotional Website

Marvel Studios and Disney have launched an official website dedicated to the fictional AvengerCon event featured in the show Ms. Marvel. In the series, Kamala, an Avengers fan, but especially of Carol Danvers, sneaks out of the house to visit the convention and participates in a cosplay competition. The event represents the fan-following that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in the real world. Just like Kamala, the real world is full of fans who see these conventions as a way to celebrate their enthusiasm for the heroes. Watching AvengerCon in the show was like witnessing yourself in the characters, making the experience with the show far more relatable.


Now, Marvel Studios has brought that AvengerCon experience into the real world, at least on the web. The studio has recently launched a website dedicated to the fictional AvengerCon, which fans can visit and realize how a convention based only on The Avengers can turn out to be.

The website cleverly states:

New Jersey AvengerCon. The only convention held where heroes are born.

It references that Kamala Khan turned superhero at the same event, making her the only person to turn her enthusiasm for heroism into reality.

The website further reads:

Held at the historic Camp Lehigh and home of Captain America, AvengerCon is a celebration of the Avengers and a historic gathering of the most dedicated enthusiasts of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When you scroll down, the website details what the fans can expect on the AvengerCon campus through various events and exhibits.

The website also consists of a gallery with stills from Ms. Marvel shot in the premiere episode.

Taking a dig at the chaos caused after Kamala mistakenly knocks off the giant Ant-Man helmet, the website reads:

Due to recent events during the inaugural Captain Marvel Cosplay contest, AvengerCon has been canceled until further notice. SORRY, NO REFUNDS.

The website has further stirred a notion of having a separate convention for Marvel Studios projects in reality. Marvel already has an entire theme campus called Avengers Campus, which people visit to live within the MCU. It won’t be a hassle for Marvel to organize its own convention on those premises and bring Ms. Marvel’s fictional event to life.

Ms. Marvel’s AvengerCon is About MCU’s Decade-Long Following

Marvel Studios

Inspired by real-life conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con, the AvengerCon is an event set within the MCU, where superhero enthusiasts celebrate the universe-saving achievements of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Like the conventions we have in actuality, AvengerCon hosts events, cosplay competitions, merchandise sales, and attractive decorations, honoring heroes such as Captain America, Ant-Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and many more.

The creators may not have gone through the same brainstorming in this regard, but they have recreated MCU’s long-lasting following within the franchise’s shared continuity. This has further paved the way for the franchise to include the commoners within its storyline. Through AvengerCon and Kamala’s group of peers, the show represents how the world views Earth’s Mightiest and what the world’s perception is of them. While The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Hawkeye explored the harsher after-effects of Battle for Earth, Ms. Marvel got into the brighter side of it, telling how teenagers praise the deeds of their heroes post-The Infinity Saga.

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AvengerCon is about attracting MCU’s young, and through the website, Marvel is attracting the young teens to the show, which tells a groundbreaking story of a fangirl turned superheroine. It’s the final link between the show and the audience. The thought of having a real-life AvengerCon is far-stretched, but the virtual experience of the same is now easily accessible.