Ms. Marvel Star Did Not Expect a ‘Main Role’ in The Marvels

Before it was The Marvels, Brie Larson’s second solo outing as Carol Danvers in the MCU was simply known as Captain Marvel 2. However, over time that has changed, and the film is now seemingly a more collaborative effort than just focusing on Captain Marvel herself. One person who seems to have been shocked by their inclusion in the movie is Iman Vellani, who is currently making her MCU debut in the Disney+ series, Ms.Marvel. According to the young star, she never expected to have such a main role in the upcoming movie.

Ms. Marvel has not gained the kind of instant audience numbers that other Marvel series have pulled in on their premiere dates, but there are a number of factors thought to have instigated the drop in immediate viewership. This has included the simultaneous launch of Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Boys season 3, and Stranger Things season 4, which are all through to have taken away some older MCU fans from boarding Ms. Marvel’s debut in the first few days of airing, and that would tie in with the fact that there seems to be a younger age bracket mainly watching the show.


Despite this, Kamala Kahn, aka Ms. Marvel, will pick up more viewers as the series goes on, and it will not be too much of a concern at Marvel Studios, considering the almost perfect reviews that have been coming in for the show. While speaking to Variety, Vellani explained that when she was told the character would also be heading to The Marvels, she expected it to be more of a cameo role. She said:

“It was a night shoot when they were announcing everything at Disney Investor Day. Right before they announced The Marvels cast, I get a text from Disney PR, I get a text from Brie Larson and I get a text from our producers all at the same time saying I’m in the movie and then they announced it on the screen. I was like, ‘Thank you.’ I had a hunch I was going to be in it, but more of a cameo role, not an actual main character, so it was cool.”

The Marvels Director is a Favorite of Iman Vellani

The Marvels will see a trinity of heroines come together, with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel being joined by Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Vellani’s Kamala Kahn. While we have already seen Monica Rambeau gaining her own cosmic powers during the events of WandaVision, which included a mid-credit scene that linked into Rambeau’s The Marvels appearance, Ms. Marvel will likely end with a similar moment to lead her into the Nia DaCosta-directed movie. In the same interview, Vellani heaped praise on the director, saying:

“Nia DaCosta is my favorite human ever. I think she’s so talented and so caring and considerate. She’s very much an actor’s director. Like, after she gets a take she wants, she’s like ‘This is yours. Do whatever you want. Anything we haven’t tried, just do it.’ She would always give positive reinforcement, even if she didn’t have any notes. She’d be like ‘That little thing you did with your hand, I really liked that.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, wow. She noticed!’ She really cares and checks up on you.”