Ms. Marvel Directors Says Only Kevin Feige Knows the MCU’s Mutant Master Plan

This article contains spoilers for Ms.Marvel’s finale.

Mutants in the MCU is something that has been debated by Marvel fans for a while now, but thanks to Ms. Marvel, we have now been given our first official mention of a gene mutation being present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, it was something they only found out about when receiving the scripts, and the only person who knows the bigger picture is MCU mastermind Kevin Feige.

In many ways, the comments by the directors of Ms. Marvel’s finale are not that surprising, as while Marvel Studios seem to have been playing a little fast and loose with some of their recent movies, revealing more than they usually would, the biggest secrets are always kept under lock and key until the last minute. Kevin Feige has already made it clear that the “bigger picture” for the future of the franchise is going to be revealed in the coming months, and while many have already targeted the multiverse as the dominating theme, there is also the arrival of the X-Men to be considered. While speaking to TVLine, Adil El Arbi explained:


“[The ‘mutation’ reveal] was the best-kept secret of the whole show. We didn’t even know about it until we suddenly had a script. So, when we had it, we asked, ‘What’s that about? What’s going to happen?’ And Kevin Feige would say, ‘Just shoot this, put the little music on and that’s that. Should you be part of the future of Ms. Marvel, then you’ll know a little bit more.'”

In addition to this Bilall Fallah added:

“Kevin Feige has the master plan. He’s the only one who knows.”

MCU Mutants Have Been Planned For a Long Time

Like much of the MCU, the arrival of mutants has been on the radar for a number of years, but like the build-up to Infinity War and Endgame, these things take time and patience from fans. While there has been a lot of division over the current phase of the Marvel story, it is clear that just like the transition from Phase 1 and 2 into the masterpiece of Phase 3, a similar lull is currently on the MCU before things start to feel connected again in the next few years.

Mutants were always part of Marvel Studios’ plan, with an alternative version of Nick Fury’s appearance in Iron Man’s post-credit scene including a reference to mutants. In 2019, Feige also dropped a hint at San Diego Comic-Con, and of course, the main core of Marvel’s mutants, the X-Men, became part of Marvel Studios’ canon following the Disney merger with Fox.

However, there is still a lot of mystery about the hows and wheres and whys, which has become apparent when even those involved in the Ms. Marvel scene in which Kamala is told that she has a “mutation” were not told about that line until the last moment. Whether Kevin Feige will be revealing more of his master plan at San Diego Comic-Con is something we have only a week to wait to find out, but with a number of big dates coming up, such as September’s D23 Expo, it is not going to be too long until we find out where the MCU’s next few years will take us.