Morbius Jumps to Top of VOD Charts After Bombing in Theaters

If the delays of the Covid pandemic potentially helped Top Gun: Maverick to be one of the hits of the year, then Morbius was its counterbalance. Having flopped at the box office not once but twice, Sony’s Spider-Man universe movie seems to have been given a new lease of life after jumping to the top of the Video on Demand charts. While the film was slated by critics and audiences, saw a record drop-off in box office volume between its first and second weekend, and has been ridiculed in internet memes for what seems like forever, there are seemingly still a number of people who want to see what all the – mostly negative – fuss is about for themselves.


After taking just $163 million at the box office, the disappointment of Morbius may be finding redemption in the home media market. Figures released by Fandango revealed that the movie topped the charts for the week ending June 19, beating off the likes of The Batman, The Bad Guys and the stunning multiverse epic Everything Everywhere All At Once. While many of the other movies have been available for a while or were not expected to pull in massive amounts of interest, it will still be something for Sony to take a little bit of comfort from.

Following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony probably thought the success of Morbius was guaranteed, but it seems that after marketing the movie with suggestions that it would have a deep connection with the MCU’s Spider-Man adventure, only for fans to discover this was not the case and the only real connection was a clunky and tacked on pair of post-credit scenes featuring Michael Keaton’s Vulture, the desire to see the movie on the big screen seemed to drop away instantly.

Sony Have Many More Spider-Man Universe Movies In Development

Sony Pictures

Similar to the way Warner Bros. have continued to deliver so-so comic book movies in the DCEU, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe just seems to mostly miss the mark when it comes to capturing the kind of audience buy in that Marvel Studios have built up with the MCU. While both of Sony’s Venom movies have delivered big box office numbers, they have been slaughtered by the critics. When it comes to lesser-known Spider-Man villains, Sony could have a tough time selling the stories to audiences who are being a lot more picky about what they go to see in cinemas and what they wait to watch on streaming platforms in the comfort of their own homes.

Sony will now be hoping that the new surge of interest in Morbius is something that will be sustained for a little while to help them make a bit more profit from what was not quite a total financial failure at the box office, but certainly struggled to make any kind of worthwhile profit for the studio. In the meantime, filming is continuing on the next movie in the SSU, Kraven The Hunter, and casting is continuing on the upcoming Madame Web, which will star Dakota Johnson in the title role. Sony will be now hoping that they can turn things around with both of these movies and save their growing Spider-Man based universe.