Mo’Nique Announces Netflix Special After Settling Gender and Racial Bias Lawsuit

Mo’Nique is set to film a new comedy special for Netflix, four years after accusing the streamer of discrimination against Black women. Mo’Nique and Netflix were first going to collaborate in 2017, but the Academy Award-winning actor and comedian was left stunned after hearing Netflix’s offer of $500,000 for an exclusive hour-long stand-up special.

Mo’Nique felt the sum was unfair to her, considering other comedians like Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and Amy Schumer were making millions of dollars. And when she protested, Netflix walked away from the negotiations and resorted to retaliatory tactics by blacklisting her. Infuriated by Netflix’s “discriminatory low-ball offer” and the streamer’s refusal to renegotiate, Mo’Nique went public with her accusations and called for a boycott against Netflix. She eventually sued the company in 2019.


Netflix also refused to back down and decided to fight it out in court, believing they had everything in their favor, but the streaming giant was in for a shock. The court declined to throw out Mo’Nique’s gender and racial bias lawsuit twice, and Netflix ultimately chose to settle with the comedian for an undisclosed amount. Mo’Nique is also satisfied with the terms of her deal and is excited to partner with Netflix, or so it seems from the following clip.

There is no word on the release date for Mo’Nique’s stand-up special, but more details are expected soon as it films later this year in Atlanta.

Mo’Nique also teased her upcoming movie, The Deliverance, which reunites her with Precious director Lee Daniels. Netflix is producing The Deliverance, a faith-based film based on a true story about a mother fighting for her life, her faith, and the souls of her children after discovering their new home is haunted by a demonic presence.

“Hey y’all it’s your girl Mo’Nique and I’m excited to say that I’ll be shooting my first Netflix special. In addition to reuniting with my friend, Director Lee Daniels on the Netflix film The Deliverance. You won’t want to miss either of them, so stay tuned! Thank you all and I love y’all to life!”

Mo’Nique Was Supported By Fellow Comedian Wanda Sykes In Her Fight Against Netflix

Mo’Nique was not the only comedian unhappy with Netflix’s discriminatory pay. Wanda Sykes, another reputed African-American comedian, came forward with similar claims against Netflix. Sykes revealed that she was offered even less money than Mo’Nique for a stand-up special, just $250,000. “I had to step up and say something,” Sykes told Variety about her support for Mo’Nique. “I also felt I was low-balled.”

Sykes, offended by the offer, shopped her special, What Happened… Ms. Sykes?, to Epix, where it premiered in 2016. However, Sykes later made amends with Netflix and has since released a stand-up special, Not Normal, and a scripted comedy series, The Upshaws. As for what prompted her to partner with Netflix, Sykes says that thanks to Mo’Nique, Netflix finally came around and paid her what she’s worth.

“This is what they feel the special is worth. I disagree and I’m going to find another buyer. This time around, Netflix came in with a good offer. It wasn’t Dave Chappelle money but I’m not doing Dave Chappelle business. The offer was commensurate with the business I was doing.”