Money Heist: Korea Season 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Although the Korean film/television industry is not notorious for producing remakes, we received an adaptation of La Casa de Papel, popularly known as Money Heist. The series was a big hit, having an 8.3 rating on MyDramaList and a rotten tomatoes score of 94%. When Money Heist: Korea, the remake of the original, aired in June 2022, it surprisingly intrigued the audience and provided a novel experience compared to the original, even though the basic premise remained unchanged.

Netflix officially revealed the second season of Money Heist: Korea with a trailer, and fans who have been yearning for an action thriller are overjoyed. While the backstories of characters such as Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo) have changed slightly, the story’s main concept makes the series worth watching, even for those who have seen the original Money Heist.


The first season, with six episodes, covered a significant portion of the adaptation’s story, allowing more to be explored in later seasons. While one of Netflix’s most anticipated Korean series is in the discussion, here’s what we know about Money Heist: Korea season 2.

Money Heist: Korea Season 2: The Plot

The first season introduced us to The Professor’s ingenious plan to execute a four trillion won money heist. To accomplish this, he hired a few people with broken pasts and successfully infiltrated the Mint at JEA. Following the capture of the hostages, they began printing banknotes worth four trillion won while claiming to have a hidden agenda against the authorities.

We witness how Woo-jin got near to uncovering The Professor’s identity after a few encounters between the heist team led by Yoo Jin-tae and the police unit commanded by Seon Woo-jin, who also happens to be lovers. The heist team, on the other hand, has fulfilled its mission and is planning the escape route. Meanwhile, Woo-jin is hell-bent on rescuing the hostages and apprehending the infiltrators.

Regardless of how the story seems to be winding down, there is still more to explore in the second season. Despite the professor’s fundamental rule regarding relationships, we can assume from the teaser that the second season will center on the romance of Rio (Lee Hyun-woo) and Tokyo, Denver (Kim Ji-hoon), and Mi-seon (Lee Joo-bin). Seo Woo-jin will attempt to unmask the identity of The Professor, who also happens to be her love interest. The second season’s focus, however, would be on how the heist team escapes from the Mint without getting into a fight with the police on both ends.

Money Heist: Korea Season 2: The Cast & Crew


The main cast of the K-drama’s first season will return for the second season, as the upcoming episodes were shot back to back with the previous ones. As seen in the first Spanish Money Heist, several new characters will emerge as the story progresses. Yoo Ji-tae, The Professor as the heist’s mastermind, and Yunjin Kim as Seon Woo-jin, the task force’s police officer, will return for even more intense mind games in the next season. The former is well-known for his appearances in popular dramas such as Ji Chang-Wook’s Healer, Different Dreams, and Mad Dog, while the latter rose to prominence on Heartbeat, Confession, and Lost.

Apart from these two leading roles, the other prominent cast members for the second season include Lee Si-woo as Ann, Eugene Ko as Vice Director, Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo, Park Hae-soo as Berlin, Kim Ji-hoon as Denver, Joo-Bin Lee as Youn Misun, Hyun-Woo Lee as Rio, Yoon-ju Jang as Nairobi, Won-jong Lee as Moscow, Ji-Hoon Kim as Helsinki, Kyu-Ho Lee as Oslo, and Victoria Grace as Anne.

Hong-sun Kim, best known for his gripping hit drama, Voice, returns to helm the series for the second season. Alex Pina, a successful Spanish film director and writer, improvised the script and served as executive producer, with writing credits shared by Kim Hwan-Chae, Choi Sung-Joon, and Ryu Yong-Jae.

Release Date

As officially announced by Netflix’s YouTube channel, Money Heist: Korea season 2, titled Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area, will premiere on December 9, 2022.

Everything Else We Know


When Money Heist: Korea premiered on Netflix, viewers expected something different from the first series. Unfortunately, it did not succeed, and the series was bombarded with negative reviews, earning it an IMDb rating of 5.3/10. However, if we look at it from the drama perspective, MyDramaList scored it an 8.3/10, which is a standard way to rate a Korean series.

Furthermore, fans have already rated the unaired episodes, and there is no reason to believe the true rating is not higher. This begs the issue of whether Netflix would produce the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of Money Heist: Korea. The remake adapts the same premise as the original, which spanned five seasons, and it should come as no surprise that it will follow in the footsteps of the Spanish series.

Given how faithful Money Heist: Korea is to the original, it has the potential to be an excellent series if Netflix decides to adapt it for more seasons. However, whether the second season outperforms the first and the series outgrows the popularity of the original, only time will tell.