Miranda’s Victim Movie Gets All-Star Cast Including Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson & More

Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, Andy Garcia, and Donald Sutherland have all signed on to star in Miranda’s Victim, a courtroom drama from director Michelle Danner. The film, written by J. Craig Stiles and George Kolber, will tell the true story of Trish Weir (Breslin), who was kidnaped and sexually assaulted by Ernesto Miranda in 1963. While committed to putting her aggressor in prison, Trish’s life gets destroyed by the American legal system, triggering a law that transforms the nation.

“The first time I read George Kolber’s riveting script and learned about Trish’s experience, it moved and inspired me. Miranda’s Victim puts us at the intersection between a brutal rape case and a national movement for civil liberties,” said Danner.


Wilson will play Lawrence Turoff, the country prosecutor that convinces Trish to testify and helps bring her assailant to justice. Garcia will be public defender Alvin Moore, who took on Miranda’s case, while Sutherland has been cast as Judge Wren, who convicted Miranda for the rape of Weir. Besides writing and directing, Danner and Kolber will also produce the film alongside Alexandra Guarnieri, Brian Drillinger, and Valerie Debler. The production company involved with Miranda’s Victim is Navesink River Productions.

Who’s Who Behind the Scenes

Miranda’s Victim is Danner’s seventh directorial project, following the action-thriller The Runner. Her previous film concerned a troubled teen who is forced by the police to go undercover to expose a dangerous drug kingpin. It stars Edouard Philipponnat, Cameron Douglas, Elisabeth Röhm, Eric Balfour, and Nadji Jeter and is scheduled for release this year after a successful run on the festival circuit.

Breslin is best known for her Oscar-nominated role as child beauty pageant contestant Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. Her most credit is Stillwater, a crime drama that came out last year that co-starred Matt Damon as the father of Breslin’s character. Besides the above, other upcoming projects for the actress are Saturday at the Starlight and Slayers on the big screen and the crime drama The Accused on television.

Wilson, who previously acted alongside Breslin in Zombieland: Double Tap, is known for the films Old School, Legally Blonde, and Idiocracy. On television, he’s also currently starring in Stargirl, a DC superhero show, unlike his brother Owen who’s in a Marvel superhero show. Luke Wilson will next star alongside Lili Reinhart, David Corenswet, Nia Long, and many more in Wanuri Kahiu’s film Plus/Minus for Netflix.

Garcia is known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in The Godfather Part III. He also had a memorable turn in the star-studded Ocean’s Eleven films. Garcia’s next few movies will be HBO Max’s Father of the Bride, What About Love with Sharon Stone, and Liongate’s The Expendables 4.

Sutherland has received an Academy Honorary Award, in addition to being an Emmy and Golden Globe Winner. He also won a Genie Award for his performance in Threshold. Sutherland will soon be seen in the Blumhouse horror film Mr. Harrigan’s Phone for Netflix and the animated movie Ozi-Voice of the Forest from Appian Way.