Mila Kunis Defends Family Guy Character: ‘I Love Meg!’

“Shut up, Meg!”

It’s a line that Family Guy viewers have heard countless times over the course of the show’s history. Voiced by Mila Kunis, Meg Griffin is the middle child of the Griffin family and certainly the one that takes the most flak. Her father Peter in particular is constantly ragging on poor Meg, though she’s most often treated horribly by most everyone else she interacts with as well. At this point, it’s just become an established part of the character.

But not everybody hates Meg, as Kunis feels the exact opposite about the animated teen whom she’s been voicing since 1999. In a new article from THR delving into the cast of Family Guy, Kunis spoke about her involvement with the long-running animated series along with her thoughts on her character. She first described coming into the series by replacing original voice actress Lacey Chabert. For her part, Kunis says she’s basically herself when she voices Meg, as she doesn’t ham up how she sounds for the cartoon.


“I was 15. Another actress was voicing Meg and then left the show, and they were recasting it. I went in and auditioned for it. But it’s not like I did a voice. I just did my voice. And then my only note from MacFarlane was, ‘You’ve got to slow down.’ Because I guess I was talking really fast.”

Meg Griffin Constantly Gets Bullied by Her Own Family


Sharing how she feels about Meg Griffin in particular, Kunis says she has nothing but love for the character. Part of that comes from providing her voice for such a long time, especially when getting started as a teenager herself. Kunis also feel that Meg represents all of us in some ways, as people can relate to the character’s struggles. When told by her interviewer that Meg was a “low-key favorite,” here is what Kunis had to say.

“I love Meg. I mean, how can you not after 400 episodes of voicing this character? I feel like I grew up with her… Listen, let’s not make it ‘low-key.’ What’s the cool kid saying? ‘No cap.’ Let’s just be all loud about it. I f**king love Meg. I’m so bummed that she gets the short end of the stick and all that, but she’s all of us.”

Family Guy debuted its 21st season in September, and the show’s 397th episode is set to air on FOX this weekend. The season will of course also include the 400th episode of the show, marking a major milestone for the series that was originally canceled by the network very early on. Will it go another 400? Time will tell.

Family Guy airs Sunday nights on FOX.