Michael McKean Has High Praise for Better Call Saul’s Cast and Crew After Series Finale

The hit TV show Better Call Saul is done and over with, having wrapped up its six-season run last month, but former series star Michael McKean is still thinking about the finale. In the first three seasons, McKean co-starred in the Breaking Bad spinoff series as Chuck McGill, the older brother of Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill. Chuck had served as an antagonist of the series, and his feud with his brother ultimately culminated with the demise of the character in season 3. McKean also appeared in the series finale in a flashback sequence.

With the series finale, Jimmy McGill’s story came to an end. Some people weren’t quite sure how to feel about the ending, though it was largely well-received by fans and critics. One person who was completely satisfied was McKean, who has described how he feels about the show following the finale in a new Twitter thread. Calling the ending perfect and praising the show’s cast and creative team, McKean has nothing but nice things to say. From the Twitter thread:


“It’s been a week and change since the last episode of Better Call Saul. There’s too much to say in one two posts, but I have to make a start. As a fan. First: do those guys know how to end a series or what? Redemption is still our favorite story, but Vince, Peter & co. know that it’s never absolute. See also: White, Walter. Awe and reverence to world class cinematographers Arthur Albert, Marshall Adams & Paul Donachie. Visionary, literally. Every soul behind those cameras. Am I not mentioning the acting? Correct. I have no notes. Bob, Rhea, Jonathan, Patrick, Michael, new kid Tony…every recurring character, every day player, all part of this unique thing. Thanks. More to come. Like I say: a fan.”

Realizing he forgot to mention another key cast member, McKean added:

“Told you I’d be back. Giancarlo Esposito. That’s it.”

Michael McKean Became a Fan After Leaving the Series


When the episode aired live, Michael McKean was not watching the series finale, as he had fallen behind and was still working his way through the season. Even though he was in the episode, he specifically asked the show’s team not to tell him anything else about what happens with the story. As a fan of the series, he wanted to find out from watching the show what ultimately happened to Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler. As the actor told Variety:

“At the beginning of the last season, they got word to me that they needed me for one more scene in the last episode, and I said, “Awesome.” And I said, “Don’t tell me anything Chuck wouldn’t know,” and they said okay. I only read my scene, and I didn’t read anything else, because I’m a fan of the show. And I want to see the story get hatched properly. I’m so glad I didn’t know anything going in, and people have been very nice about not telling me what’s going on. And I’m trying not to read anything on Twitter that tells me more than I need to know.”

We now know that McKean has reached the ending of the series and apparently could not be happier with how things all turned out. Perhaps it resonates well with the actor knowing that Chuck would have probably been proud to see Jimmy finally coming clean for the first time in his life, even though it brought about great consequences.