Mel Gibson Offers Promising Lethal Weapon 5 Update

Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson has offered another promising update on the development of the long-awaited action sequel, Lethal Weapon 5. Appearing at a mysterious event attended by We Got This Covered, the actor, who will also now direct Lethal Weapon 5 following the death of Richard Donner, re-confirmed that the follow-up is still in “active development,” and that the screenplay is currently being worked on.

Offering further details regarding the direction of the screenplay, Gibson said that the story of Lethal Weapon 5 will maintain what Richard Donner had already been working on, with the beloved filmmaker remaining “the narrative driving force.” Gibson also revealed that he has been “in regular contact with Danny Glover to discuss and brainstorm their respective long-awaited returns.”


If that were not already enough to have Lethal Weapon fans excited, Gibson went on to hint that the sequel will “tackle a couple of hard issues,” which will no doubt put the dynamic duo of Riggs and Murtaugh in a contemporary setting — an idea that is sure to delight and concern fans in equal measure…

Mel Gibson Will Direct & Star in Lethal Weapon 5

There have been whispers of a Lethal Weapon 5 for some years now, and while the movie was set to see director Richard Donner return alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, plans were put on hold following Donner’s death in July 2021. Those delays were short-lived, however, with Gibson now due to take over and sit in the director’s chair as well as reprise the role of Martin Riggs. Something which the actor has now confirmed.

“Yeah, I am directing that. I’m really looking forward to it. I wish I wasn’t directing it,” Gibson said earlier this year, with the actor of course wishing that Donner were still here to helm the sequel. “I wish Richard Donner was still here to do it but left us untimely, and he actually asked me, he said ‘Hey kid, if I don’t make it, you’ll take the reins, huh?’ I told him to shut up. I think it’s an honor for me to be able to carry the flag for him.”

Gibson has also confirmed that he has spoken with his co-star Danny Glover, revealing that he has given Gibson his blessing. “I called Danny [Glover] up, of course, and said, ‘Hey, dude, is it okay with you if I direct this?’ He said, ‘Yeah, let’s go,’” Gibson said.

Released back in 1987, Lethal Weapon introduced audiences to the lovable pair of mismatched LAPD detectives, Martin Riggs, a former Green Beret who has become suicidal following the death of his wife, and Roger Murtaugh, a 50-year-old veteran of the force who, even back then, was getting too old for this. Played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, respectively, the duo became instant icons of the genre, with the franchise spawning several sequels and bringing in the likes of Joe Pesci, Rene Russo, Jet Li, and Chris Rock along the way.

Following several sequels, audiences last saw the duo in Lethal Weapon 4 back in 1998. Mel Gibson will work from a script written by Richard Wenk, the screenwriter behind The Equalizer. Lethal Weapon 5 does not yet have a release date, but rumors have claimed that it will be released straight to HBO Max.