Marvel Studios Blade Finds New Director and Writing Team; Now Looking for Darker Tone

Marvel Studios has finally settled on a new director for their upcoming Blade reboot, and it looks like the movie itself may be getting an overhaul in the process. Following the departure of Bassam Tariq, Kevin Feige has been wading through possible replacements for the outgoing director, and according to Deadline, settled on White Boy Rick and Lovecraft Country helmer Yann Demange. Not only that but the script for the movie will also be rewritten by Michael Starrbury and will reportedly take on a darker tone than previously thought.

Marvel Studios did not rush to replace Tariq when he moved on from the movie and instead delayed the release of the film to allow time to find the right person for the job. Blade will now be hitting cinemas on September 6, 2024, and production moved from this winter to early next year to accommodate the changes.


However, while a new director was a requirement, there were not initially any hints that there would also be a change in the writing team. However, with reports suggesting that star Mahershala Ali was not happy with the script and insiders adding that the film lacked any action, it is perhaps not surprising that an entire overhaul is on the cards. In addition to that, Marvel’s recent Disney+ Special Presentation of Werewolf by Night has proven that fans are ready for something dark in the MCU and that seems to be where Blade is now heading.

This will likely please many fans of the vampire hunter, who have been more than a little worried that the character’s introduction to the PG-13 world of the main MCU would result in a watered-down Blade. While the new version will be nowhere near as dark as Wesley Snipes’s original Blade movies, word that it will be one of the darkest-toned movies to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe will certainly be welcomed.

Why Did Bassam Tariq Leave Marvel’s Blade?

Marvel Studios

As usual, there has been no exact reason given as to why Tariq left Blade, but it seems that the parting of ways was amicable enough. At the time, Marvel Studios and the director released statements reading:

MARVEL STUDIOS: “Due to continued shifts in our production schedule, Bassam is no longer moving forward as director of Blade but will remain an executive producer on the film. We appreciate Bassam’s talent and all the work he’s done getting Blade to where it is.”

TARIQ: “Its been an honor working with the wonderful folks at Marvel. We were able to put together a killer cast and crew. Eager to see where the next director takes the film.”

In light of recent talk about the movie seeking a darker tone, it seems that a change in direction has been the main reason behind the change. While this can sometimes signal trouble for a production, with the film yet to kick off production, the change in personnel has probably come at the right time to actually work in the movie’s favor. The outcome of all this is still two years away from hitting cinemas, although it seems that Blade may be on more sure footing now than it was a couple of months ago.