Marvel Studios’ Blade Filming Start Date Revealed by Production Website

Marvel Studios is yet to officially add Blade to its upcoming slate of movies, but according to new information made available online the vampire hunter’s first MCU outing will start filming on July 4. The details of the shoot come from the FTIA Production List website, which states that Blade will commence filming in Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana, from Independence Day. The page also includes a project summary, which gives the movie’s synopsis as “He is known to be a vampire hunter— half-mortal, half-immortal— who tries to rid the world of vampires as a way of avenging his mother, who was killed by a vampire as she gave birth to him.”


Of course, it is no secret that Blade’s arrival in the MCU is close, with the voice of Mahershala Ali’s vampire hybrid already being heard as a tease at the end of last year’s Eternals. However, so far, Marvel Studios has been completely silent on their plans beyond next summer’s The Marvels, and that means that when exactly we will see Blade make his movie debut is still unknown. Based on the usual Marvel timeline of production, if the film is shooting this summer, it is likely that it will be released sometime early in 2024, although there is potentially space for another release late in 2023, and Blade could also make it into that slot at a push.

Marvel’s Reboot of Blade is the Source of Many Rumors

Image via Regal

While we know Blade will be getting his own movie as part of the MCU, how exactly he will make his debut is currently up for debate depending on which rumors you choose to believe. Over the last few months, there have been suggestions that the vampire hunter will be seen in the expected but unannounced Werewolf by Night Halloween Special, while he has also been linked to Moon Knight, the continuation of Black Knight’s story as seen in Eternals, and other upcoming projects. However, until Marvel decides to open up and share more information on the exact details of their next wave of projects, all we can do is continue to wait and speculate.

Blade is one of the characters that many fans have been interested to see brought into the MCU, but the fact that his movie is expected to be a PG-13 has worried some fans, who would much prefer his films to be closer to R-rated. Having said that, both Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Sony’s Morbius have shown that PG-13 movies can be pushed quite some way when it comes to fantasy horror and violence.

While this is an entirely new iteration of Blade, there will be unavoidable comparisons made to the Wesley Snipes trilogy based on the character. Snipes has already given his blessing to Ali as the new version of the vampire hunter. Like everyone else, he is looking forward to seeing exactly how Blade will fit into the MCU narrative. Having already made a vocal debut in Eternals, it seems likely that his solo movie will bring him to the same point in time when he warns Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman about the dangers of the Ebony Blade.