Mark Ruffalo Isn’t Ruling Out a Berserker Hulk Return

Mark Ruffalo has portrayed Bruce Banner, and his alter ego, the Hulk, since he took the role over from Edward Norton in 2012’s The Avengers. Over the last decade, his character has seen several iterations, including a ferocious monster closer to Savage Hulk, and his Smart Hulk/Professor Hulk counterpart that was introduced in Avengers: Endgame. However, mark Ruffalo believes there’s room to introduce more variants or bring the Hulk back to how he initially was when he entered the MCU.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ruffalo discussed his character, saying, “The cool thing about this world is that it could just be anything.”


“The cool thing about this world is that it could just be anything. Five years from now it could totally morph into anything, whatever’s pertinent at the time. I almost see him going back to ‘Berserker Hulk’ or ‘World War Hulk’. It could go anywhere. That’s the exciting part — I’ve played five different versions from beginning to now, and that’s kept it interesting for me and I hope interesting for other people.”

Although some fans are unhappy with Smart Hulk as he’s a far deviation from his standard character, others are pleased to see the development Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk have gone through in the MCU.

Mark Ruffalo is Passing the Torch in She-Hulk

Marvel Studios

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law began airing on Disney+ last week, Aug. 18. We’ve already seen glimpses of Bruce Banner teaching Jennifer Walters how to be a Hulk and managing her anger to keep those around her safe. Clearly, Walters was suited for the job, as she’s able to be herself in her Hulk form, which took years for Banner. However, during his EW interview, Ruffalo admits She-Hulk is almost a passing of the torch for him.

“When they decided to do She-Hulk — which I thought was really cool and exciting and apt and timely — it was basically like, ‘We would be interested in you passing the baton to her. They gave me the premise, which I already knew from the comics, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do that.’ And I do feel like I’m actually passing the torch on, in a strange way.”

With only three members of the original Avengers still in the MCU, Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye, fans would be devastated to see Bruce Banner retire from fighting supervillains. However, Ruffalo recently pledged he would continue to be involved with the MCU for as long as they let him, even mentioning the possibility of an older, grizzled Hulk. So fans will welcome more Mark Ruffalo, whether in Grizzled Hulk, Berserker Hulk, or Smart Hulk form. You can catch Ruffalo appearing as Banner/Hulk in She-Hulk, arriving on Disney+ every Thursday.