M3GAN Sequel Reportedly Discussed at Universal Studios

On January 6, M3GAN will hit theaters with a sci-fi horror story about technology gone wrong. The film depicts a life-like doll that plays the roles of friend, teacher, playmate, and protector for a young child. As she gets closer to the child she’s bonded to, M3GAN begins to exhibit aggressive, murderous instincts.

James Wan’s killer doll tale, distributed by Blumhouse, has already been widely memed across TikTok and Twitter thanks to its viral trailer. As a result of a report from The New York Times, it has been revealed that Universal is already thinking about doing a sequel for M3GAN. Among the stars of M3GAN are Allison Williams (Get Out), Violet McGraw (The Haunting of Hill House), and Jenna Davis.


Upon the release of its trailer, M3GAN immediately became a viral sensation. After meeting the latest killer doll in the M3GAN trailer, horror enthusiasts were immediately captivated. Immediately following the video’s release, viewers started making memes and reaction images of the killer doll. Even though her design is less creepy than most killer dolls, her actions are still frightening. Some of the scariest scenes in the trailer were characterized by her dance moves and ability to run on all fours. In response, Universal Pictures considered the possibility of a sequel to the film.

There is no doubt that marketing departments worldwide dream of reaching such a level of “virality.” Memes help you spread the word about your movie, even when they take away some of the spooky vibe. Additionally, TikTok and Twitter Memes reveal a willingness of people to create their own culture and expectations for future movies.

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Where does M3GAN go from here?

The recent news that Atomic Monster and Blumhouse may merge revealed that Wan initially pitched his idea to Warner Brothers. Due to the similarity with Annabelle in the Conjuring franchise, the company declined to accept the proposal. Due to the viral popularity of the upcoming horror movie trailer, it’s easy to understand why Universal chose to work with Wan. According to the New York Times, over 300 million views have been recorded on TikTok posts featuring #M3GAN since the trailer was released.

This sequel has yet to be determined, but there is speculation that the Child’s Play franchise may be resurrected at some point. The trailer for M3GAN emerged out of the blue, but it seems to have nailed the concept of evil dolls pioneered by Chucky. The 2019 remake of Child’s Play features Chucky as a sci-fi rogue AI like M3GAN, instead of a possessed doll. It is, therefore, not surprising that the two could potentially co-exist in a shared universe. The M3GAN sequel is still in early talks, though, so this is all just idle fan speculation in social media.


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