Luckiest Girl Alive: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

This fall season has an array of mystery thrillers, with Luckiest Girl Alive being one of them. Based on the 2015 New York Times Bestselling mystery novel of the same name by Jessica Knoll, Luckiest Girl Alive will star Mila Kunis as the lead character, Ani Fanelli. The film project was first announced by Variety in 2015, prior to the novel’s release, with Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea producing through their Pacific Standard company.

Knoll was set to write the adapted screenplay as well as executive produce the film, commenting in an interview with Cosmopolitan:

“Bruna and Reese were also always very supportive about me writing the script and they thought the best way to do it would be with a co-writer. I thought That’s fine. I’ve never written a script before. Then there was talk of another more established screenwriter doing it. And it didn’t work out. In the 11th hour, my agent was like, ‘Just as a reminder, Jessica is really interested in writing the script.’ Everyone realized it would be a real-time suck to interview all these co-writers. So I’ve been working on the screenplay and I feel really good about it. I’m in the groove again.”

However, in February 2021, Variety also reported that Witherspoon and her company had dropped out of the project, with Kunis being signed on as well as producing the film under her Orchard Farm Productions banner. The Luckiest Girl Alive will be directed by Mike Barker and released on Netflix.


Netflix released the first trailer of Luckiest Girl Alive earlier this month. This will be Kunis’ first major production role since 2018’s The Spy Who Dumped Me. As of recent, her main film projects have been independent movies. With Luckiest Girl Alive being released on Netflix, one of the largest streaming services, it will surely bring Kunis back to mainstream audiences.

The Luckiest Girl Alive novel follows Ani FaNelli as a teenager at the prestigious Bradley School who endured a shocking, public humiliation that left her desperate to reinvent herself. Now, with a glamorous job, expensive wardrobe, and handsome blue blood fiancé, she’s this close to living the perfect life she’s worked so hard to achieve. But Ani has a secret. There’s something else buried in her past that still haunts her, something private and painful that threatens to bubble to the surface and destroy everything. It has been described as being similar to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, both novels that have also become blockbuster hits, for its twist and turns and readers not being able to put the book down. The film’s premise follows similarly, and once Luckiest Girl Alive is released, here is hoping it’ll give viewers the ups and downs the novel gave readers.

Here is everything we know about Luckiest Girl Alive.

Luckiest Girl Alive: The Plot

Luckiest Girl Alive is about Ani FaNelli, a sharp-tongued New Yorker who appears to have it all: a sought-after position at a glossy magazine, a killer wardrobe, and a dream Nantucket wedding on the horizon. But when the director of a crime documentary invites her to tell her side of the shocking incident that took place when she was a teenager at the prestigious Brentley School, Ani is forced to confront a dark truth that threatens to unravel her meticulously crafted life.

As with many mystery thrillers, the trailer for Luckiest Girl Alive gives viewers a sneak peek into Ani and her seemingly perfect life while holding in a dark secret of her past life that she tries to bury. We also see that there will be flashbacks from her in high school that will reveal the events that led to the traumatic incident. Will Ani be able to finally let go of that trauma and accept that it is a part of her life, or will it ruin everything she worked hard for?

Luckiest Girl Alive: The Cast


Luckiest Girl Alive stars Mila Kunis in the leading role of Ani FaNelli. Kunis is best known for her comedic roles in That 70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Ted, as well as the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy, a role Kunis has had since 1999. But Kunis has also proved to audiences that she can do a variety of roles. Her breakthrough dramatic performance came in Black Swan, a role that garnered her first Golden Globe nomination for Supporting Actress. Chiara Aurelia, best known for playing Jenette in Cruel Summer, plays the younger version of Ani.

The supporting cast of Luckiest Girl Alive also stars Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story, American Crime Story) as Luke, Ani’s fiancé, and Scott McNairy (True Detective) as Andrew Larson, Ani’s English teacher from high school who she runs into again as an adult. The supporting cast additionally stars Connie Britton (American Horror Story, Nashville, The White Lotus) as Dina, Ani’s mother, and Jennifer Beales (The L Word) as Lolo Vincent.

Release Date

Luckiest Girl Alive will have a limited theatrical release on September 30, 2022, before it is released worldwide on Netflix on October 7, 2022.