LOST: Miles and Sawyer Almost Went Back to the Island; Ken Leung Would ‘Maybe’ Return for a Spinoff

Ken Leung, who played the abrasive, sarcastic medium Miles Straume beginning in LOST’s fourth season, recently revealed that series nearly had a “True-Detective-style spinoff” series. The ABC television series ran for six seasons, beginning on September 22, 2004. Although LOST ended almost two decades ago, the series still remains in the public consciousness due to its continued impact on the medium of television and how stories are told.

Leung, who has been in the acting profession for 24 years (making his debut in 1998’s Rush Hour as the villain opposite Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker), has recently been on a press tour for Industry Season 2. The HBO series follows a group of young graduates who are competing for a permanent position at a prestigious London investment bank.


During a recent interview with The Independent promoting Industry, when Leung was asked if he would be interested in returning for a LOST reboot, the actor revealed that there once was an idea for a “True Detective-style spinoff,” starring Josh Holloway as James “Sawyer” Ford and Leung as Miles Straume.

I know there was an idea being kicked around where Miles and Sawyer would have a True Detective-style spinoff, but that would be so much its own thing that it wouldn’t feel like continuing LOST. But on the face of it, sure. There’s nothing about LOST where it’s like, “I never wanna do that again.” So yeah, maybe. I would love to go back to Hawaii. When I think of LOST, I don’t think of the show as much as I think of Hawaii. But I guess it depends on where they wanted to take it and who was coming back.

Leung isn’t the only person who still associates LOST with Hawaii. Years after the hit series ended, fans still head to the island to see the show’s filming locations.

Fans Still Flock to Oahu

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Almost two decades after the series ended (the hit ABC series just celebrated its 18th anniversary), LOST fans still flock to see where the series was filmed. Although many scenes, such as those taking place in the cave, were filmed on a sound stage outside of Honolulu, others were filmed on location on the island of Oahu—and many of these locations are accessible to the public. Much like The Lord of the Rings filming tours that are popular in New Zealand, fans coming to the U.S. will plan their whole trip around seeing the LOST filming locations in Hawaii (and there online guides to do this).