Loki’s Sophia Di Martino Wins Big at MTV Movie & TV Awards as Show Beats Spider-Man Team-Up

Loki is still one of Marvel Studios’ biggest Disney+ TV shows, holding its own against the likes of Moon Knight and Hawkeye to remain the most-watched MCU show on the platform. Now it has reigned supreme at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, beating even Spider-Man: No Way Home to one of the big awards of the night.

Marvel Studios has been on a winning streak on both the big and small screen, and Loki made sure that continued at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, as while Spider-Man: No Way Home and Black Widow picked up awards in the movie categories, Loki’s biggest win was for Best Breakthrough Performance which went to Sophia Di Martino for her performance as “female Loki” variant Sylvie. Beating off Alana Haim (Licorice Pizza), Ariana DeBose (West Side Story), Hannah Einbinder (Hacks), and Jung Ho-yeon (Squid Game) to the award, it was not the only win that Di Martino was at the center of.


Loki’s second win was for Best Team, which was won by the combined trinity of Di Martino, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson for their roles as Sylvie, Loki and Mobius. While this saw Loki outshine other teams from Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project, Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City and Steve Martin/Martin Short’s Only Murders In The Building, it was beating Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trio of Spider-Men that really hammered home now much of a chord Loki has struck with audiences. While a new season is already on the way, it is just further confirmation, as if needed, of how much fans love the God of Mischief.

Loki Season 2 Will Film This Summer and is Set to Be Weirder Than Season 1


Everyone was surprised when Loki ended on a real cliffhanger moment and then revealed that Tom Hiddleston’s popular character would be returning for another season. After being touted as a limited series, if it had not already been decided that Loki would return, the show’s subsequent reception would have probably led to that decision being made anyway.

Although there will be a change in directing team and head writer for the second season, Michael Waldron will still be contributing as writer on the series. He recently explained how working on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had opened doors as to just how wild the next season could get. He said:

“I don’t know if I could go any weirder than we went in season 1. We had an alligator drinking wine out of a kiddie pool. That felt like the Mount Everest peak of weird! I think there’s plenty of opportunity there. We’re always looking to outdo ourselves, but hopefully it’s always driven by character. And yeah, I learned on this movie once again, no idea is too crazy. You can write Stephen Strange possessing his own corpse, and maybe you’ll end up shooting it. That encourages me to be bold, which is good.”

You can find the first season of Loki on Disney+ along with the rest of the MCU saga so far.