Loki Writer Says Doctor Strange 2 Could Make Season 2 Even Weirder

Acting as screenwriter for multiple Marvel Studios projects certainly allowed Michael Waldron to expand his handling of the multiverse in Loki’s first season to the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, according to the writer, his deep dive into the realms of the multiverse could have also opened a doorway to an even weirder second outing for Loki. As if the appearance of Alligator Loki, and a scene where dozens of Loki variants battled each other, were not bizarre enough, Waldron has hinted that his experience working on the Doctor Strange sequel has proven that nothing is too weird.

Despite Loki being planned as a limited series, it seems that you really cannot keep the God of Mischief down, and by the end of the six episode run, it had already been announced that Tom Hiddleston would be reprising his role in the MCU once again for a second season of the timeline-breaking, multiverse-making series. With plenty of unanswered questions hanging from the show, although with more potentially being asked before the new season airs, Loki is a long way from being done in the MCU.


However, while many may have found Loki’s first season a little off the wall, that is nothing compared to what could happen in season 2, but only if the story demands it. As Waldron told Polygon:

“I don’t know if I could go any weirder than we went in season 1. We had an alligator drinking wine out of a kiddie pool. That felt like the Mount Everest peak of weird! I think there’s plenty of opportunity there. We’re always looking to outdo ourselves, but hopefully it’s always driven by character. And yeah, I learned on this movie once again, no idea is too crazy. You can write Stephen Strange possessing his own corpse, and maybe you’ll end up shooting it. That encourages me to be bold, which is good.”

The Multiverse Will Make the MCU a Much Stranger Place

Marvel Studios/Disney+

In Marvel Studios’ first multiverse adventures, we have already seen how strange and unusual things can be. Whether it is long-dead villains returning, new villains being created or, as Waldron mentioned, having your hero transfer his consciousness into the corpse of his other self, things aren’t as simple as they used to be in the MCU – as if they were ever simple at all.

In the first season of Loki, Waldron said he was given the option of using pretty much any Marvel characters he wanted, and that crucial fact will likely be something that will come into play in the next season. With season 1 ending with a huge statue of Kang The Conqueror appearing at the TVA, and pretty much all memory of who Loki is being wiped from those around him, one thing for certain is that the God of Mischief is going to be well out of his depth when he makes his return to screens, probably sometime next year.

For now, you can watch the first season of Loki, as well as the rest of Marvel Studios’ shows and movies on Disney+.