Latest Indiana Jones 5 Image Reveals Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Indy’s Goddaughter

The latest image from the highly anticipated Indiana Jones 5 offers our first official look at Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Helena. Released courtesy of Empire, the image reveals Waller-Bridge’s still-somewhat mysterious character alongside Harrison Ford’s returning archeologist. Sporting the same determined look in her eye as her intrepid godfather, she certainly looks ready for an adventure. You can check out the newly released image from Indiana Jones 5 below.

“She’s a mystery and a wonder,” Waller-Bridge said of the character, who has now been confirmed as being the goddaughter of Indiana Jones. Director James Mangold adds that Helena is “slippery, charming, the girl next door, a grifter,” while Harrison Ford calls her “a pioneer in ethical accounting.” Each description is a puzzle piece that slowly reveals what Helena is all about and what Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s role in proceedings will involve.


The actress, who is best known for writing, creating, and starring in the award-winning comedy-drama series Fleabag, writing the hugely popular (and also award-winning) spy thriller series Killing Eve, and polishing the script for the latest James Bond outing No Time to Die, has also now revealed details of how her role in Indiana Jones 5 came to be.

“Kathy was in London and asked to have dinner with me, and casually mentioned this,” Waller-Bridge explained, with the “Kathy” in question being president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy. “I immediately ordered ten bottles of wine. Then it was the fastest I’ve ever read a script; I came out of a sort of haze afterwards. I just couldn’t believe how much fun I had and how moved I was by it. And then I had a Zoom and screamed, ‘YES!’ at them all.”

Clearly passionate about the project, Waller-Bridge revealed that Helena will play a significant part in the sequel, throwing herself headfirst into the action scenes alongside her daring godfather. “Honestly, I just loved it,” she said. “When you’re playing a character who throws herself on the back of a vehicle, there’s no acting around that. You just have to bloody do it.”

Will Phoebe Waller-Bridge Take Over the Indiana Jones Franchise?

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Indiana Jones 5 has been confirmed to be Harrison Ford’s final outing as the iconic character, with rumors abound that the sequel will set up Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Helena to take over the franchise going forward. “Insiders claim Kathleen Kennedy, the Hollywood producer behind the franchise, is keen to make ‘big, bold’ changes — with few bigger than switching the lead character to a woman,” recent reports have claimed, with one source adding, “It would be a huge statement, and a great role for Phoebe.”

Whether this will happen depends on how well audiences take to the character. But, considering how much the actress was taken with the script, she would no doubt love to star in further adventures beyond Indiana Jones 5.

Directed by James Mangold, with a script co-written by Mangold, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth, Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for release on June 30, 2023.