Kevin Hart Reveals What He Believes is Dwayne Johnson’s Worst Movie

There is no denying that when it comes to uncomplicated blockbusters, Dwayne Johnson has covered the market very well. Having starred in many hits such as Red Notice, Rampage and Skyscraper, the former wrestler can pack a theater even when the critics aren’t exactly on board with the fun. However, when it comes to picking the worst of The Rock’s movies, Kevin Hart has his already picked out as he revealed when appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Hart has worked with Johnson on a number of occasions, in the Jumanji reboot and its sequel and now as one of the voice cast of DC League of Super-Pets. Hart was appearing on the show to promote the movie, which is about to take the top spot this weekend at the box office, and he was asked what he believes to be the worst movie that The Rock has ever starred in. Without much hesitation the comedian said, “The Tooth Fairy.”


The 2010 comedy fantasy saw Dwayne Johnson taking on the role of Derek Thompson, an ice hockey player nicknamed Tooth Fairy for his habit of knocking out the teeth of his opponents. After telling his girlfriend’s daughter that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, he finds himself being forced to be a tooth fairy for two weeks. The movie, like many of the actor’s movies, was a hit, but only holds a 17% approval rating and is collectively described as having “flat direction and a committee-written script.” It seems that this is something that Hart is more than happy to agree with.

Kevin Hart Plays Ace In DC League of Super-Pets

Warner Bros. Pictures

In DC League of Super-Pets, Kevin Hart plays Ace, a Boxer dog who Johnson’s Krypto, the dog of Superman, encounters at an animal shelter where Ace and a number of other animals are given various super powers after coming into contact with a piece of kryptonite. The film contains a similar dynamic between the two actors that has been built on their numerous movie partnerships. This relationship is something that Hart also commented on, saying:

“You know what, we really do get along. It’s a good relationship. It’s a genuine relationship. It was something we stumbled upon. We did our first movie together and the conversations grew. Our friendship grew because we were around each other. In between takes, we weren’t running to the trailer. We were sitting and getting to know each other. We found that the scenes became better as we became closer. We held onto that dynamic and it only progressed as time went on.”

Of course, there has been quite a bit of talk about when Hart, Johnson and the rest of the cast will be returning for another Jumanji. While it is still on the cards, the main issue seems to be that those involved in the movie franchise have become increasingly busy of late, and getting them all together again is proving tricky. However, it has been said by producer Hiram Garcia that the film will be coming together at some point, possibly in the next couple of years.