Kevin Feige Explains Why Phase 4 is a New Era for the MCU

Many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have called Phase 4 disjointed and not as cohesive as the Infinity Saga, but it could be just that people expect something different from what Kevin Feige and his team are attempting to achieve. In a recent conversation, Feige told a press conference (via The Direct) how Phase 4 is a different era for the MCU, and just like the comic books on which it is based, there are a lot of different “tones” to be considered and explored across the new releases.

Phase 4 of the MCU began with Black Widow on the big screen and WandaVision on the TV series side of things. Since then, we have had a lot of new characters introduced during 2021 with Eternals and Shang-Chi among others, and in 2022 it seems to be all about catching up with old friends. There has been comedy, horror, action, violence and fantasy, and that is something that some have noted doesn’t feel to be connected as the previous movies in Phase 3. Of course, the main reason for that is that Phase 4 is like starting again with a new canvas, and according to Kevin Feige, Marvel movies don’t all come offering the same thing. He said:


“That’s always the intention, is that the Marvel Studios logo doesn’t promise a particular group of characters and a particular exact tone. It promises a spirit and a style and a vibe and an emotion, I hope. And it’s perfect timing to go from Moon Knight to Ms. Marvel, specifically because they’re so unique and so different with Multiverse of Madness and Love and Thunder on either end of that. That is what makes Marvel in publishing and now in the MCU so unique, is being able to see all of those different tones and styles and characters. So I like very much that people say, ‘Look, they’re all different.’ Because that’s how we always feel about them and always want them to feel.”

It Is Too Soon To Expect Another Avengers: Endgame

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The mistake made by many MCU is to believe that the escalation seen across Phases 1-3 is still continuing in Phase 4. With every new project, every mention of the multiverse and every suggestion that writers have been given free rein to do what they please, this is jumped on as a sign that everything is going to happen. This has been seen from early in Phase 4, but more recent entries such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have seen some wild theories about the movie being an Endgame level event.

By now, it is clear that Marvel Studios are not attempting to outdo their previous movies, but is instead pulling back in a way to allow individual stories to come through again. Somewhere down the line, it has been almost promised that a Secret Wars event will end the multiverse story arc, but that is still many years down the line. For now, it seems like the best way to enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe is to take each project as it comes and curb some of the more outlandish expectations…at least for the next five years or so.