Keegan-Michael Key Revives Key & Peele’s Mr. Garvey for Paramount+ Ad

An amusing ad for Paramount+ brings together personalities from many different shows available to watch on the streaming platform. Among those appearing in the ad is actor Keegan-Michael Key, reprising his role as Mr. Garvey, a substitute teacher who struggles to correctly pronounce students’ names in a popular Key & Peele sketch. He’s back at it with the Paramount+ ad taking a similar approach, but this time, he’s trying to guide other TV show characters in climbing up the Paramount Mountain.

You can watch the video below.

“Blah-zay? Where you at, Blah-zay?” Mr. Garvey asks, prompting the red monster truck from Blaze and the Monster Machines to correct him.


He goes on to fumble the names of “Big Notty” (Big Nate’s Nate), “B-Louie” (Blue’s Clues & You!’s Blue), “K-Room” (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters’ Krumm), and “Da-rah” (Dora the Explorer’s Dora). But perhaps the most amusing moment of all comes at the end when “A-A-Ron” pops up, revealed to be NFL player Aaron Donald, promoting the Thanksgiving Day NFL telecast. Paramount+ offers streaming access for NFL games and other CBS content live.

Mr. Garvey is One of Key & Peele’s Most Memorable Characters

Key & Peele aired for five seasons on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015. Created by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the sketch comedy series saw the duo playing countless characters in a variety of different sketches. The Emmy-winning series had many particularly memorable sketches, but one that is certainly among them is the original sketch featuring Mr. Garvey. At one point, the character was so popular that there were tentative plans for him to lead his own feature film, thought the movie, called Substitute Teacher, never materialized.

In a previous interview (via The Week), Key explained that the premise of the sketch was as simple as imagining a “guy from the inner city who was subbing in an all-white classroom.” From there, Key created the Mr. Garvey character while the writers collaborated to come up with the funniest names that he could mispronounce. The one that seems to be most quoted by fans is “A-A-Ron,” a mispronunciation of “Aaron.”

“There were several. The one that comes to my mind is Jonathan [pronounced Joe-NAY-Thin],” Key said of the names that didn’t make the cut. “Jonathan was in the running for a long time. There was David [pronounced Dah-Veed], which didn’t work at all. We went through a few. I think Denise [pronounced DEE-Nice] was always in there.”

Peele added, “Aaron and Blake came through because they’re the names of very white friends of mine from when I was a kid. That was another thing. The best names for this are names that are really white names.”

You can stream the original Mr. Garvey sketch along with full episodes of Key & Peele on Paramount+.