Jurassic Park’s ‘Dinosaur Supervisor’ Isn’t Amused by Long-Standing Meme

Phil Tippett brought his amazing creation of Mad God to the world this year, but the master of visual effects has a long history as a part of some of the biggest movies of all time including Star Wars, RoboCop, Starship Troopers and Jurassic Park. When it comes to the latter of these, his name listed in the credits of the movie as “Dinosaur Supervisor” did not get much attention when the movie was originally released back in 1993, but then the internet came and changed that. Now Tippett has acknowledged a long-standing meme that purposely misinterprets his role in the filming of the movie to suggest that he failed to do his job, and he isn’t amused by it.



The internet has a way of twisting things in a humorous way, and in the cast of Tippett’s credit it really did outdo itself for many people. The meme includes the end credits screen shot of Tippett’s name and role as dinosaur supervisor, and around this is written the words, “One job, Phil. You had one job!” The meme plays on the “supervisor” part of Tippett’s job to suggest that if he had done it properly, the dinosaurs would not have been able to run amok in the movie. When asked about it in a recent Reddit AMA, Tippett’s response was quite blunt when he said:

“I never got the joke. It’s stupid.”

They do say that humor is subjective, and it seems like many people have emitted a chuckle at that one for year, Tippett isn’t one of those laughing at it.

Why Did Phil Tippett Take 30 Years To Make Mad God?


While working on big Hollywood blockbusters has kept Tippett in the business for decades, in between movies like Howard The Duck, Return of the Jedi and Evolution, he worked to bring Mad God to life on his own, without the help of a big studio. There is a reason for this, and it all comes down to Tippett’s belief that getting Mad God made by a studio would have been impossible. In his interview with MovieWeb, Tippett said:

“There’s no way I could pitch Mad God to a studio. I couldn’t even pitch it to myself, you know, I just kind of waded into the deep end and just tried not to sink to the bottom of the pool.”

Mad God is one of those movies that has to be seen, as it is virtually impossible to describe it. While there are plenty of words like “horrifying”, “apocalyptic” and “disturbing” that can be tagged onto it, the film is simply one that defies any kind of real classification. There is no real other reason why it took Tippett so long to make his personal magnum opus, but it is a world away from his work on mainstream movies like Jurassic Park and the Star Wars saga. In the end though, no matter which side of Tippett’s work you look at, there is nothing short of movie magic at its heart, so perhaps his lack of love for the Jurassic Park meme is something that can be forgiven in the grand scheme of things.