Jonathan Majors is Decorated Navy Fighter Pilot Jesse Brown in a New Clip From Devotion

Jonathan Majors is keeping busy in Hollywood. First, he will continue his prominent role in the MCU with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, making his debut as Kang the Conquerer in February. A month later, the actor stars in the upcoming Creed III alongside Michael B. Jordan, slated to arrive in March 2023. However, Majors will first take to the skies as Navy fighter pilot Jesse Brown in Devotion later this month.

The film follows Brown alongside fellow pilot Tom Hudner (Glen Powell) as the pair risk their lives during the Korean War, becoming some of the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen. The Rotten Tomatoes Coming Soon YouTube account shared a new clip from Devotion, which sees Brown during an attack on an enemy bridge, surrounded by constant gunfire. The brand-new clip can be found below.


Devotion comes from director J.D. Dillard, who made a name for himself with the 2016 film Sleight. The movie follows a young street magician who uses illegal tricks to care for his little sister after his parents passing. Although reviews were somewhat mixed, Sleight made $4 million at the box office against a $250,000 budget, proving the director could do a lot with a relatively small budget. Devotion will be Dillard’s biggest project to date, with an estimated budget of $90 million.

Devotion stars Majors and Powell alongside Serinda Swan, Thomas Sadoski, Joseph Cross, Daren Kagasoff, Joe Jonas, Christina Jackson, and Emily Brinks. Fans can see epic aerial battles and a story for the history books when Devotion soars into theaters on Nov. 23.

Jonathan Majors Says Glen Powell Grew to Be One of His Best Friends

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Glen Powell is coming off the biggest role of his career after starring alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick. The actor is eager to return to the battlefield, spending even more time in the cockpit of his fighter plane with Devotion. As it turns out, Powell was the one who asked Jonathan Majors to join him in the film, as the actor also serves as a producer for the movie. During an interview with Variety, Majors discusses his relationship with his co-star, the first time they met in a sauna, and how they become so close while filming Devotion.

“I would say we walked in Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell and we walked out Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner. We sweated it out. We chatted it out. And he explained to me why he was so attracted to the story. He brought to my attention the story of Ensign Jesse Brown and the tremendous feats he had accomplished and the relationship between him and Tom. And that was magnificent, you know, and it’s something I hadn’t heard before. I think we saw in each other in that moment that we were willing to go through the fire together. I mean, to this day, he’s probably one of my best friends and definitely one of the most intimate collaborators. It wasn’t standard procedure, but how could it be? There’s a line in the film: ‘You can’t always do what you’re told.’ So we didn’t.”

After Devotion, fans can see Majors in Creed III and Ant-Man 3 before his titular film, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, in 2025. Powell’s upcoming projects include Hitman, which he leads, along with Most Dangerous Game, although neither film has a release date set in stone. However, fans can see both actors when Devotion arrives in theaters later this month, on Nov. 23.