Joker 2 Fan Art Imagines Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

Will Lady Gaga be the next Harley Quinn? Things are sure looking that way. On Monday, it was reported that Gaga is in talks with Warner Bros. to play the hammer-wielding supervillain in Joker 2, which is in development under the working title Joker: Folie à deux. The digital artist BossLogic has since released some new artwork depicting Gaga as she might appear in the role, which you can check out below.

Because Joker 2 is also reported to be a musical, this may be a driving force behind Lady Gaga’s casting. Of course, Gaga is well known for breaking out with immense success in music before trying her hand at acting. Her acting career already includes a Best Actress nomination at the Oscars for her role in A Star Is Born, and many critics praised her performance in last year’s House of Gucci. A big star in both music and film, Gaga also happens to look a lot like Harley Quinn, so it’s easy to see why the filmmakers have their sights on the “Just Dance” singer.


Of course, we can also expect Joaquin Phoenix to be Gaga’s co-star if she signs on for Joker 2. Todd Phillips released images of the screenplay’s cover page along with Phoenix giving it a read. It’s unclear if any other actors would be intended to return or which other characters might be featured in the sequel.

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Joker 2 Will Reportedly Be a Musical

Warner Bros.

The news that Todd Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver are penning Joker 2 as a musical has been met with a pretty mixed response from fans. There has been some disapproval on social media from fans feeling that a musical is not the right way to take the Joker sequel, especially as the original film was nothing like that. But others are optimistic that Phillips has the right idea with the musical approach, as perhaps it’s best to do something completely different from the first film for Joker 2 to better stand out on its own.

As one optimistic fan puts it, “dude, if you don’t think joker 2 being a musical with a lady gaga harley quinn isn’t a wildly worthwhile swing, i don’t know how to help you.”

Another tweet reads: “i was really dismissive of the idea of a joker 2 until like 30 seconds ago when i found out it’s gonna be a musical. i take it back. i need to see joker 2 now. i need to see him sing about society.”

Joker 2 doesn’t have a release date at this time.