Jensen Ackles Wants Jared Padalecki to Have a Cameo in The Boys

The Boys returned to Amazon Prime last week and this time around it is bringing a whole new wave of Supes to the party. One of these is Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, and during a recent conversation both the actor and showrunner Eric Kripke expressed an interest in bringing Ackles’ Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki into the series in a cameo role. However, as Ackles noted, Padalecki isn’t exactly sitting at home twiddling his thumbs, and finding a time in their schedules to work it out is something that isn’t easy.

As one of Amazon’s biggest series, The Boys is always looking to outdo its previous seasons, and the opening of season 3 certainly landed in spectacular, and bloody, fashion. As part of the new season’s grown, several new characters are set to arrive including Ackles’ Soldier Boy, a twisted take on Marvel’s Captain America who has been around since World War II. While Soldier Boy’s arrival is one that fans have been looking forward to, they would no doubt love to see Ackles and Padalecki reunite on the show in the future. Speaking with Variety, the pair said:


Kripke: “I would love a Jared cameo! He’s always welcome on the show. Up to now, the guy is on a network show that has however many episodes — like, a lot more than eight. So he’s working all year and now he’s producing his spinoff and he’s got a whole empire going on over there. He’s been a busy man. And it’s been hard to even figure out any time that he’s free. But if he was free and found himself currently unemployed, I would put him on ‘The Boys’ in a heartbeat.”

Ackles: “As I think we all know, Jared’s pretty busy starring in his own show, producing a spinoff of that show. He’s certainly got his hands full.”

The Boys Could Get A Full Supernatural Reuinon

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Of course it has been widely reported that there is someone else who Kripke would like have as part of The Boys, and that someone would be the man who played the father of the Winchester brothers in Supernatural: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Just like Padalecki, Morgan has a tight schedule at the moment with the Walking Dead and its Negan/Maggie spin-off among other things. Kripke was all set to try to get Morgan on board for season 3 of The Boys, but it just wasn’t to be. However, the creator hasn’t given up hope of bringing him in for season 4. Kripke recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“The question has been asked. Sad for me, happy for him: He’s currently the lead, along with Lauren Cohan, on the Walking Dead spin-off. So, schedule-wise, I don’t know. We might still remain star-crossed, unfortunately, because I did ask. We had a role come up, and my first question was, ‘Well, is Jeffrey available?'”

If Kripke can work out how to get both Padalecki and Morgan into The Boys at the same time, then the original Supernatural trinity could be on screen together one more time. For now, The Boys season 3 is on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes releasing ever Friday.