Jennifer Lawrence R-Rated Comedy No Hard Feelings Gets Release Date From Sony

Jennifer Lawrence is teaming up with Gene Stupnitsky for her new R-rated comedy, No Hard Feelings. This will be the first film for Lawrence since she starred in Don’t Look Up in 2021, which received four Oscar nominations. According to a report from Deadline, the film is set to hit theaters on June 16th, 2023.

Stupnitsky previously worked on Good Boys, another R-rated movie following three 6th grade boys who ditch school, embarking on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs. In addition, he directed two episodes of The Office; both were regarded as better episodes in the series, including Michael Scott Paper Company and The Lover. He also wrote the screenplay for the 2009 film Year One, starring Jack Black and Michael Cera, and wrote Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz.


Lawrence is currently the only star attached to the film, with very few details regarding the plot of No Hard Feelings. However, Sony describes the project as an ‘R-rated comedy with a heart.’ Stupnitsky is writing the project as well, alongside John Phillips, who is also the executive producer. His previous work includes writing Dirty Grandpa and acting credits in New Girl, Arrested Development, and The Office. Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Odenkirk, Justine Polsky, Marc Provissiero, and Alex Saks are producing No Hard Feelings.

Deadline reports that Sony fought hard for the film against several other streamers and studios, including distributor Universal Pictures. Sony secured No Hard Feelings for an undisclosed amount with the intention of an exclusive theatrical release.

What Else Does Jennifer Lawrence Have in the Works?

Wild Bunch

Jennifer Lawrence has a few other projects she’s working on besides No Hard Feelings. She stars in Mob Girl, a film based on the book of the same name by Teresa Carpenter. The movie will follow the true story of Arlyne Brickman, a mother living in New York’s Lower East Side who becomes a mafia informant for the FBI. The film is written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, with Josh O’ Connor attached to the project. Mob Girl is currently in production and does not have a release date.

Lawrence is also working on Bad Blood, which reunites her with director Adam McKay. They previously worked together on Don’t Look Up. McKay is also behind projects such as Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, The Big Short, and Vice. His latest project will follow Entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes who creates a bio-tech company that skyrockets her to fame with an estimated value in the billions. However, her integrity is doubted when federal agencies begin investigating the company. Bad Blood is based on the true story and novel by John Carreyrou. The film is currently in pre-production with the release date TBA.

No Hard Feelings is the only upcoming project by Lawrence with a release date, so expect to see it first in theaters on June 16th, 2023.