Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Start of Filming on Walking Dead Isle of the Dead Spinoff

Of all the spinoffs coming out of The Walking Dead universe in the next year or so, Isle of The Dead is probably one of the most anticipated for the sole reason of the story promising more from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain turned dubious hero Negan. With Lauren Cohan’s Maggie joining him, the new series will move away from the regular setting to Manhattan island, where the pair will likely face new challenges and adversaries. While it is currently unclear exactly what the show’s plot will be and what kind of characters Negan and Maggie will encounter, things may become clearer following the conclusion of The Walking Dead’s final season. In the meantime, Morgan has been teasing the start of filming on the spin-off on his Instagram account.


In his post, Morgan wrote, “Here we go. Xxjd… and a shelf full of sonics.” To put it all in context, the first image in the gallery shared by the actor shows the front cover of the Isle of the Dead script, which is simply titled “Pilot”, while the second image actually does show a shelf full of Sonics.

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Morgan’s character has been a fan favorite from the moment he arrived in the main show way back in the season 6 finale and created what many see as a peak that the show has never quite reached again. Whether bad, good or worse, Morgan’s portrayal of Negan has saved the show from completely falling flat on many occasions, so his inclusion in one of the new spin-offs is not that much of a shock. Despite the flagship series coming to an end this Fall, there is still plenty to come from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Could Suffer From Too Many Spin-Offs


While there had been talk of upwards of six spin-offs being considered for Game of Thrones at one point or another, that seems to have been pulled back to just two or three. The Walking Dead already has one spinoff ongoing with Fear The Walking Dead, as well as the now-ended two-season Walking Dead: World Beyond, and this summer’s Tales of The Walking Dead. Along with Isle of the Dead, an untitled spin-off centering on another fan-favorite of Norman Reedus’ Daryl is also heading into production soon, and of course, that fabled Rick Grimes movie is still said to be moving forward. For a series that was already becoming fatigued, The Walking Dead spin-offs could end up causing more feelings of “same old, same old” from their many branching continuations.

Following the seventh season, The Walking Dead saw a constant decline in viewer numbers, but the series continued to be one of AMC’s most popular shows and therefore continued regardless. After a deep lull around seasons 8 and 9, viewer numbers started to tick up a little for season 10 and the current final season. With the end in sight, many of the long, drawn-out scenes that caused many to abandon the show have recently been dropped in favor of constant action, and this has helped the series go out with a little more of a bang than it could have. With the future now in the hands of the spin-offs, we can only wait and see what The Walking Dead still has to offer to keep viewers interested in the franchise.