Jeffrey Dean Morgan Broke Both Feet Filming The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan suffered a little as Negan in The Walking Dead’s final seasons, and not just in the sense of his character. The actor revealed that he broke both feet while filming the show’s final season, but due to commitments, he couldn’t have surgery on them. With Morgan now filming The Walking Dead spin-off Dead City, it seems he is just having to soldier on with his injuries.

Morgan initially talked about breaking his foot back in March while in the middle of filming, and in a recent interview with Insider, the actor elaborated on exactly what happened. As well as explaining that he ended up with a hairline fracture on both feet; he said his schedule just couldn’t fit in surgery to put them right. He said:


“I think I had, honestly, just shoes that weren’t very good and just jumping, landing a few times. It started off as kind of nothing, a hairline fracture. And then it got worse. The bones in my heel aren’t smooth anymore. I was gonna have surgery in between the series and the new show [Dead City]. And I had like three months and I went to Spain to do a commercial. And I had a… [hernia], that happened to me. So I had to have surgery on that, and I’m like, ‘F—k it. My foot’s gonna have to survive.'”

The injury was not the first time Morgan had found himself nursing wounds from his time on The Walking Dead, having had his nose broken by Andrew Lincoln while filming a season 8 episode. At the time, Morgan said that Lincoln was meant to pull a punch but didn’t, but they completed filming their scenes. It turned out that Morgan didn’t need surgery after that injury.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Surprised Himself When Returning for Dead City


Many viewers believe that The Walking Dead lost its spark some time ago, and it seems that Jeffrey Dean Morgan almost felt the same thing himself. When discussing his upcoming return as Negan in Dead City, Morgan confessed that he was as surprised as anyone to be coming back for more after thinking he was done with the franchise. He said:

“If you had told me that a year ago that I would be doing it, I would’ve said, ‘There’s no way. I’m going to end this and walk away.’ The new adventure awaits doing something else.’ I think that The Walking Dead ending and walking away from it would’ve been a noble thing for us all to do. But the story was so good and so worth telling that it simply came down to, I couldn’t say no. And I felt invigorated and wanted to continue it.”

The Walking Dead series finale brought the long-running zombie show to a close, with many of the storylines being closed off sufficiently. Next year, new shows pick up the threads left hanging as the credits rolled, following Negan, Maggie, Daryl, Rick and Michonne in their new adventures.