Jean-Claude Van Damme to Return to Theaters With Neo-Noir Action Thriller Darkness of Man

Action movie icon Jean-Claude Van Damme continues to rack up exciting projects, with the high-kicking 80s legend due to lead the upcoming neo-noir thriller, Darkness of Man. According to THR, Darkness of Man is eyeing a theatrical release and is set to be introduced to potential buyers at the American Film Market by VMI Worldwide. The project is being sold as a much darker, grittier outing for Van Damme, more akin to the likes of his recent offerings JCVD and The Bouncer.

Darkness of Man will follow Van Damme as he once again demonstrates his particular set of skills in Los Angeles as Interpol operative Russell Hatch. As per the report, he will take on “the role of father figure to Jayden, the son of an informant killed in a routine raid gone wrong. Years later, Hatch finds himself protecting Jayden and his uncle from a group of merciless gangs in an all-out turf war, stopping at nothing to protect Jayden and fight anyone getting in his way — including supposed allies with hidden agendas and nefarious intents.”


The synopsis sounds like the perfect set-up for Van Damme to ply his trade, and should provide the Universal Soldier and Bloodsport star with ample opportunity to flex his acting muscles while flexing his actual muscles.

“James and I have been working together closely for a while now on Darkness of Man,” Van Damme said of the project. “It’s our passion project. I’m very excited to start filming in Los Angeles. Hopefully you all will enjoy what we create.”

Darkness of Man will be written and directed by James Cullen Bressack, who is best known for the likes of Fortress with Bruce Willis and Hot Seat starring Mel Gibson. “I’m very excited to dive into the world of Darkness of Man,” the filmmaker said. “JC has been amazing to collaborate with on this project and I appreciate the immense and immediate support from the team at VMI. I truly believe this will be something very special that will show a side of Van Damme audiences have yet to see.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme Now Has Several Exciting Projects in the Pipeline

Cannon Films

Darkness of Man is just one of several exciting projects that Jean-Claude Van Damme now has in the pipeline. The action man recently added his name to Silent Kill, which will be led by Van Damme as one of four mercenaries who, after finding a hidden treasure in the Congo, agree to bury it and meet back at the same spot in three years and split the fortune equally among them. Of course, as these sorts of grubby deals often do, things take a different turn when the time comes.

Most exciting of all, though, is surely What’s My Name, which will find the actor starring as a fictionalized version of himself. “We’re going to bring real elements from my real life and what happened to me,” Van Damme said of the project. “I came from Belgium, all the way to Hollywood. I succeeded, I failed, I came back. So I’m walking out on the street after the premiere, and boom! — a car hits me because I’m drunk. When I wake up from the impact, I don’t know what’s my name, and no one recognizes me.”

Filming on Darkness of Man is set to begin in Los Angeles sometime in early 2023.