James Gunn is in No Hurry to Make New DCU Announcements

James Gunn is in no hurry to make new DC Universe announcements. The Suicide Squad director and Peter Safran were recently appointed as co-chair and co-CEO of the DC Films division of Warner Bros. Discovery. The division was also renamed DC Studios, a subsidiary overseeing the future of all DC properties across films, TV, and animation.

While Gunn takes massive responsibility, he is also finishing his due projects for DC rival Marvel Studios, which includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The film is the last in Gunn’s GOTG Trilogy. He will make a full-time transfer to DC post this. Though fans are hyped to see what Gunn’s creative outlook does for DC Universe, Gunn himself is still processing everything.


Recently, a fan posted a question for Gunn on his Mastodon account. The fan was excited to hear new DCU announcements from the new co-chair and asked when the audience could expect him to reveal a fresh slate for the franchise. The fan asked:

You guys just got in control of dc studios, but when can we expect a new dcu slate announcement? With multiple series going to wbd’s new streaming service, animated projects and theatrical films?

To this, Gunn had a short and sweet response. The new DC Studios head asked the fan to be patient about any forthcoming updates as he has just taken over; therefore, there is a lot of processing. Gunn said:

Give us a chance to catch our breath. We just got here.

Gunn isn’t wrong. The announcement has just come in a couple of weeks ago. Gunn and Safran would have sat down to discuss how to move ahead with DC Studios at Warner Bros. Discovery, but it’s too soon to come up with anything substantial. The studio, however, has left a breadcrumb for fans to follow with Superman’s return in Black Adam. But it will be some time before DC Studios reveals an official release slate. Meanwhile, DC has The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom lined up for release next year.

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Both Gunn and Safran have Long-Term Plans for DC

Warner Bros. Pictures

David Zaslav has earlier revealed that both the new co-chairs of DC Studios have begun discussions on the latest plans for DC Universe. The Warner Bros. Discovery head stated that Safran and Gunn have long-term goals and a blueprint for a “more unified creative approach.”

DC is heading towards a new multi-year plan that shall be on par with Marvel Studios’ model for a cinematic universe. There have been several years of conflict at DC concerning strategic decision-making, which shall now end with Safran and Gunn taking over. In a joint statement, the new leadership expressed their excitement and honor to helm responsibilities at DC and talked about revitalizing the primary IPs like Superman and Batman.

We’re honored to be the stewards of these DC characters we’ve loved since we were children. We look forward to collaborating with the most talented writers, directors, and actors in the world to create an integrated, multilayered universe that still allows for the individual expression of the artists involved. Our commitment to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the DC stable of characters is only equaled by our commitment to the wonder of human possibility these characters represent. We’re excited to invigorate the theatrical experience around the world as we tell some of the biggest, most beautiful, and grandest stories ever told.

The new DC Studios will probably begin the new ‘Phase One’ of the DC Universe in 2024 after the current films in the pipeline are released. It would be interesting to see how the old DC Extended Universe connects to the DC Universe, making it a unified and possibly multiversal franchise.