James Gunn Channels Superman on His First Day as DC Studios Co-CEO

The first day of November saw James Gunn and Peter Safran begin their tenure as joint CEOs of DC Studios, and James Gunn celebrated with a perfectly pitched comic book reference. The newly created entity will be the hub of the majority of Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC output including the former DCEU, which has received a subtle rebranding to simply become the DCU – which is all Marvel-ous.

For his first day on the job, Gunn obviously wanted to share something about the day with his Twitter followers. What could be more appropriate than a panel from an old Superman comic, in which Clark Kent is working at his day job, reminding himself not to get over-enthusiastic and allow his super strength to show through while he is bashing out his news articles. Gunn simply commented, “First day, new job,” on the post, while the panel contained the line, “Got to restrain myself…or I may absent-mindedly punch this typewriter into twisted wreckage!” Check out the post below.


The appointment of Gunn and Sarfran as a two-headed Kevin Feige-style overlord of the DC franchise has mostly been met with a positive reaction from fans, who just want to see the DCU take a step up and leave behind the inconsistent mess it became in the wake of Zack Snyder’s vision being partially delivered and then wholly abandoned following the unfortunate events surrounding the creation of Justice League, With Gunn and Sarfan having already made an impact on the franchise with The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, for the vast majority of people there couldn’t be many better to be taking the reins.

What Will James Gunn Bring To The DCU?

Having worked his way from low-budget horror movies to the multi-million dollar Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, James Gunn has made a relatively swift climb up the ladder of in-demand writer/directors of Hollywood. Having rarely put a foot wrong with his movies, which have included Scooby-Doo, Slither, Brightburn and the upcoming Coyote vs Acme live-action/animated hybrid comedy.

With a broad range of genres under his belt, and more than a passing interest in comic book movies, Gunn will certainly have plenty of ideas when it comes to how the DCU should expand in the future. Currently, Gunn and Sarfan are contracted to remain in their roles for the next four years, and how the franchise evolves and is received in that time will likely decide whether they are given the option to stay in the roles or not. Although Gunn has already confirmed that his appointment at DC Studios will not stop him directing, writing, and producing other projects, it will be interesting to see how that holds up once things really get moving and whether Gunn still wants to continue in the role beyond his initial contract. One thing that is certain is that the writer/director never seems to take a break when moving from one project to the next, and that kind of dedicated attitude is what the DCU seems to have been missing for a long time.