Inside Amy Schumer Clips Released Ahead of Paramount+ Return

The sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer is returning for a fifth season on Paramount+ in October, and ahead of the new season’s premiere, a pair of sketches have been released online. From 2013 to 2016, the series had previously aired for four seasons on Comedy Central. It was announced last year that Schumer would be reviving the series for a 2022 return on Paramount+.

In one new sketch, titled “Colorado,” Amy Schumer takes aim at the controversial reversal Roe v. Wade reversal. Schumer poses as a spokesperson for the state to encourage tourists to pay Colorado a visit for certain services that are not offered elsewhere in the country. She does not specifically mention Roe v. Wade, but it’s clear from the comments from Schumer and others in the skit that they’re talking about pregnant women in states where abortion is illegal.


“We’re more than just beautiful wilderness,” Schumer says in the clip. “We also have bustling town centers, and access to all the services you may need. All as legal as a fresh mug of hot cocoa is refreshing.”

At another point, she adds, “Not that you need some big, dramatic reason to come to Colorado! No one should have to justify a trip to Colorado. Maybe you just wanna do with your own body what you wanna do with your own body.”

You can watch the sketch below.

A second clip has also been released by Paramount+. In this sketch, titled “Home Spanx,” Michael Ian Black plays a Home Spanx pitchman who intrudes into Schumer’s home to offer the specialty shapewear to be worn at home. Encouraging Schumer to continue wearing shapewear even when trying to relax at home with her significant other, the pitchman mockingly says, “Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a fat fatty.”

That skit you can also find in the YouTube video below.

Inside Amy Schumer Returns for Season 5


The new season of Inside Amy Schumer will consist of five episodes with the first two premiering on Oct. 20. Paramount+ has promised more over-the-top skits and gut-busting laughs that fans have been anticipating after a six-year hiatus from the show. Schumer has also teased that she will push the envelope with the new series, more so than she ever has before.

“I wanted to bring back Inside Amy Schumer to burn any remaining bridges,” Schumer said when it was announced that her sketch comedy series was getting revived. “So, sit down and open your pants (so you’re comfortable, not in a sexual way) because we’re not holding anything back. You won’t want to miss the show that will finally get me forever canceled.”

Inside Amy Schumer will return with new episodes on Oct. 20, 2022, on Paramount+. New episodes will be released every Thursday on the streaming platform.