Indiana Jones Director Debunks Rumors of ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ Test Screenings

There is nothing the internet loves better than spreading rumors of certain movies and TV shows having troubles behind the scenes. Now it looks like Indiana Jones 5 is the latest production to be hit with a number of reports that test screenings for the swan-song of Harrison Ford as the intrepid archeologist have been “overwhelmingly negative.” However, director James Mangold has addressed the rumors of disappointment head on, debunking the whole thing by simply saying there have not even been any screenings of the movie.

Indiana Jones 5 is still to get an official title, and fans are still waiting for any kind of trailer for the movie. Having been delayed a number of times due to Covid, Harrison Ford’s on-set injury and general shuffling of the release slate by Disney, there have been many people worried exactly what is going on with Ford’s final Indiana Jones movie. However, it should be remembered that Top Gun: Maverick suffered multiple lengthy delays and look what happened there.


Responding to several Twitter posts, Mangold not only debunked stories of test audiences hating the movie, but also doubled down on the commitment that Indiana Jones is not about to be replaced by a female character, or indeed anyone else. In his longest response he said:

“Well, Paulo, it’s up to you who you believe – an anonymous troll named “basement dweller” & “doomcock” or the actual director of the film. No one will ever replace Indiana Jones. Not in any script. Not in any cut. Never discussed.”

You can see this and Mangold’s responses below.

How Will Indiana Jones 5 End The Character’s Adventure?

Lucasfilm Ltd.

There is something about knowing a character is not going to return again that makes the ending of a movie something that needs to be both satisfying but also give a character a fitting finale. When it comes to Harrison Ford’s final appearance as Indiana Jones, there is a question of exactly how the movie will complete the story of one of the greatest adventurers cinema has ever produced.

Of course, for now, there is no answer to this, as fans are still waiting to see any footage from Indiana Jones 5. Although there have been rumors of time-travel, Ford being de-aged and many more elaborate theories of where Jones’ final adventure could take him, the only thing that does seem certain is that no one should expect someone stepping into his fedora once he has gone.

The main thing that Indiana Jones 5 needs to do is give cinemagoers the kind of film that introduced the character back in 1981. While the original sequels remain some of the most loved movies of a generation, the belated Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a box office hit, but didn’t quite manage to please audiences despite being given a decent 78% fresh rating by critics. Will Indiana Jones 5 manage to bring the magic back to the franchise for its final installment? If James Mangold is correct, then the answer should be yes.