HBO Responds to the House of the Dragon Finale Leak

The House of the Dragon finale has leaked online, and HBO is not happy. The Game of Thrones spinoff is airing its tenth and final episode of the season on Sunday, Oct. 23, though the entire episode is available on illegal torrent sites. The finale, titled The Black Queen, is set to be an epic conclusion to the first season, depicting the culmination of tension and hatred between the Hightower’s/Greens, and the Targaryens/Blacks.

Fans are eager to see the first battle between Alicent and Rhaenyra’s family, even if it’s a small taste of what’s to come in future seasons. Unfortunately, some audience members couldn’t wait until Sunday, forcing HBO to release a statement on the leak. Deadline reported their comments, which suggest the early preview is being taken down across multiple sites.


“We are aware that the tenth episode of House of the Dragon has been posted on illegal torrent sites. It appears to have originated from a distribution partner in the EMEA region. HBO is aggressively monitoring and pulling these copies from the internet. We’re disappointed that this unlawful action has disrupted the viewing experience for loyal fans of the show, who will get to see the pristine version of the episode when it premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max, where it will stream exclusively in 4K.”

Fans can see the world premiere of House of the Dragon’s finale, The Black Queen, debuting on HBO and HBO Max Sunday, Oct. 23, at 9 pm E.T.

Game of Thrones Faced Several Major Leaks


Game of Thrones was one of the biggest franchises in the world for years while it was on the air. So, of course, with a fan base so large, the show inevitably leaked a few significant plot details. The first four episodes of Season 5 leaked the night before the premiere, leading HBO into a frenzy searching for how it occurred.

A few years later, before the premiere of Season 7, the entire plot from the season was published on Reddit. Details such as Viserion’s death, Jon Snow and Daenerys meeting, and the temporary alliance formed between Cersei, Daenerys, and Jon were available to the public. The leak went into further detail, with minor deaths and smaller plot points included.

Compared to its counterpart, House of the Dragon suffered a relatively small leak with one episode. However, fans should expect similar news in the coming years as the series progresses from season to season. Audiences can see the House of the Dragon finale with a crystal clear picture when it officially debuts Sunday on HBO and HBO Max.