HBO Max Has a Hilarious Response to Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Spin-Off Reports

HBO Max has recently fueled discussions about Kit Harington’s return to his fan-favorite role, Jon Snow, in a reported sequel to Game of Thrones. It was reported yesterday that HBO is developing another spin-off to its Emmy Award-winning series centered around Harington’s character Jon Snow. HBO Max has teased the fans about it on its official Twitter handle in a hilarious response.

The handle cited Yigritte’s famous quote from the series, saying that they “know nothing” of such reports. In the show, Yigritte, played by Rose Leslie, often used to taunt Jon Snow for his naivety, saying – You know nothing, Jon Snow.

HBO (via ScreenRant) is currently developing several spin-offs based on the history of A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin. Foremost, House of the Dragons will release on HBO Max this August. It is based on the companion book Fire & Blood. Besides, it’s been reported that the studio is slowly pushing forward other adaptations, including an animated series, all set within the Game of Thrones lore that stretches centuries before the events of the hit series. This includes Tales of Dunk and Egg, 9 Voyages, and 10,000 Ships.


As of now, there isn’t any official statement concerning the Jon Snow spin-off, but given the tweet, HBO isn’t exactly denying the reports, which further increases the chances of getting the series sanctioned. If the sequel happens, this would be the first one to continue the story that concluded Game of Thrones and will surpass the intended plans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Earlier, Game of Thrones shifted to an original storyline after Season 5, with Martin’s input factoring in the final narrative.

It will be a challenge for the studio to produce such a legacy show, especially when the scale is as large as that of GoT. Nevertheless, if confirmed, fans will be excited in hopes of seeing Kit Harington return and for Jon Snow to complete his character arc.

Will Jon Snow Gets His Due Right?

The Jon Snow spin-off’s focus could be about Jon getting his due right as the King of Westeros. Game of Thrones revealed that Jon was actually Ned Stark’s nephew and was the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark and his real name is Aegon. That made him the true heir to the Iron Throne. However, his killing of Daenerys led to a critical conflict between the Unsullied and the North. To avoid impending bloodshed, Jon Snow was sentenced to the Wall again, where he decided to walk further North with the Free Folk. Instead of him, Brandon Stark was named King Bran the Broken.

The end left several fans heartbroken and even left the final season with the worst ratings for the show. There is no telling of the show’s creative team, but like other shows set in the GoT lore, Martin will be involved in this one too. Martin is working on finishing his next novel, The Winds of Winter, which shall be the longest in the series. Jon Snow spin-off will be on everyone’s watchlist as it could be one chance to have Jon Snow become the Prince Who Was Promised and take on his duties as the King of Westeros.