Harry Potter Series Being Considered for HBO Max

A Harry Potter television series is currently being considered for HBO Max, Sarah Aubrey, the Head of Original Content at HBO Max, has revealed. In a new interview with Variety, Aubrey discussed the sheer amount of iconic properties that fall under the WarnerMedia banner and stated explicitly that the studio and the streaming platform are thinking about what to do next with the world of Harry Potter.

“We’re very much in the business of creating new content for those fans and thinking what to do next.”

Just in case you have somehow lived your life and found yourself on this site without knowing what Harry Potter is, it is a series of novels by J.K. Rowling that has gone on to the sort of monumental success that happens ever so rarely. The story follows the titular Harry Potter, who is told on his 11th birthday that he is a wizard and is whisked off to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The novels have since been transformed into hugely successful blockbuster movies, launching the careers of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson.


There has already been an attempt at building on this success on the big screen with the recent Fantastic Beasts series. Though due to mixed reviews and controversy behind the scenes, most notably regarding star Johnny Depp and writer J.K. Rowling, the Fantastic Beasts franchise has not managed to take off as its predecessor did. Recent reports have even stated that while there had been a plan in place for five Fantastic Beasts movies, the franchise has now been put on hold.

So, to the small screen the Harry Potter franchise may go. There are plenty of tales from the Wizarding World that an HBO Max series could tell, from prequel shows detailing the adventures of Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter aka The Marauders, to shows about any one of the beloved cast of characters such as Hagrid, Dumbledore, or Snape.

Warner Bros. Interested in Making More Harry Potter Movies

Warner Bros. Pictures

While we ponder the possibilities of a Harry Potter HBO Max series, President of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav has his sights set on the big screen. Since the shake-up at WarnerMedia, the new modus operandi is franchises, and plenty of them, with Zaslav revealing recently that the studio is interested in making more Harry Potter movies with J.K. Rowling.

“We’re going to focus on franchises. We haven’t had a Superman movie in 13 years. We haven’t done a Harry Potter in 15 years. The DC movies and the Harry Potter movies provided a lot of the profits for Warner Bros. … over the past 25 years,” he said before adding, “If we can do something with J.K. on Harry Potter going forward.”

With HBO Max now focussing on franchises, and the likes of the Batman IP already making the leap to HBO Max with the upcoming The Penguin series, among others, expect to see a lot more from the worlds of Harry Potter, DC, and other existing IPs going forward.