Happy Gilmore 2 Ideas Shared by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has teased ideas he has in mind for a potential sequel to his beloved 1996 comedy, Happy Gilmore. While speaking with Variety about his latest dramatic effort, Hustle, Sandler revealed that he does indeed have an idea in mind should Happy Gilmore 2 ever come to fruition: Happy Gilmore: Senior Tour.

“Wouldn’t that be fun to do the senior tour of Happy Gilmore, and hang out with all those guys and try to write a great script about Happy as an older guy, and having to calm down his temper and all that stuff? But, I never know. Maybe one day, something like that.”

Though it doesn’t sound like there are any current plans in place to bring Happy Gilmore 2 to the big screen, it does at least sound like Adam Sandler would be up for joining forces once again with the likes of Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, and director Dennis Dugan and give fans the golfing sequel they have been crying out for.

Released in 1996, Happy Gilmore follows Sandler as the title character. An unsuccessful ice hockey player with a red-hot temper, Happy discovers a newfound talent for golf, entering a tournament in order to save his grandmother’s house. While Happy Gilmore received mixed reviews from critics, the movie is looked upon fondly by fans, and is now considered one of Sandler’s best efforts.


This is not the first time that Sandler has floated the aged Happy idea, with the actor and comedian calling the idea an “amazing” one. “It hasn’t been discussed, but it certainly has been discussed on the internet,” Sandler said in February last year. “Believe me, that senior tour idea, it would be so amazing… Yes, you can greenlight this.”

Not only is Sandler on board, but so is his Happy Gilmore co-star Christopher McDonald, who revealed that he would jump at the chance to reprise the role of classic sporting villain, Shooter McGavin. “I am double in. I would love to do it,” he said. “Everybody’s been screaming for it, like Adam Said, on the internet. I’ve just got to say, it would be a complete blast. A senior tour with us two? Oh my god.”

Adam Sandler is Also Pondering a Return for The Waterboy

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Not only is Happy Gilmore 2 slowly coming into frame, but Sandler has also been discussing the return of Bobby Boucher aka The Waterboy. “That would be fun as hell. I love Mama. I love Henry Winkler,” Sandler said recently regarding a return for The Waterboy in a sequel. “I mean, come on. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me. But, I don’t know man, it’s funny. I don’t know what the ideas [would be].”

Sandler’s long-time friend and collaborator Kevin James has also declared his desire to see The Waterboy 2 in the past saying, “Oh, Bobby Boucher. I think Bobby Boucher would crush it. I’d wanna see more of that. I think he’s phenomenal. I would love to see that.”

Adam Sandler is currently on the receiving end of critical praise for his performance in Hustle, which was released by Netflix on June 8, 2022.