Halloween Ends Set Image Reveals Best Look at Michael Myers Unmasked

An image from the set of Halloween Ends provides a good look at what Michael Myers looks like underneath the mask. Over the course of the previous two movies, Michael had taken some heavy damage during his Halloween night massacre in Haddonfield. That includes nearly dying in a fiery death trap left for him by Laurie Strode along with a vicious beat down at the hands of a violent mob.

Of course, as Michael prefers to keep his mask on most often, we aren’t really given a clear look at actor James Jude Courtney’s face as the character in the movie. But a new photo posted to Instagram by Andi Matichak’s double, Lydia Hand, reveals her with Courtney in full Michael Myers makeup. The photo was posted along with a brief video clip of Hand with Matichak as well as another selfie of Hand.


“A trilogy wrap!!” Hand said in the post after the movie was released. “So much fun and so many wonderful people on this cast and crew I’m blessed to have met. Andi Matichak love you so much and so grateful for the last 4 years. You killed it!!”

The image of Hand with Courtney has been spreading throughout social media. You can see the post below.

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Michael Myers vs. Laurie Strode: The Saga Comes to an End

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Courtney might be all smiles in set images, but playing Michael Myers did require him to take his mind to some pretty dark places. While the actor and stuntman has been thrilled to bring the character of Michael Myers to life over these past three movies, he also recently told Variety how he’s also relieved to say his farewells to the franchise.

“It was powerful, and dark, and violent, and erotic. And an insane release of all the things we just talked about. Pain, and suffering. Incredible release,” Courtney said.

There are no plans at this time for any more Halloween movies to be made, though it seems inevitable that a reboot will come along at some point. For now, this film has been touted as the final movie to feature Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, putting an end to the Michael vs. Laurie saga. But in the world of horror films, it’s hard to know what the future holds. If the franchise gets rebooted, of if another sequel or spinoff ends up getting made after all, we could very well see Courtney back under the mask once again.

Halloween Ends is playing in theaters and on Peacock.