Halloween Ends Poster Teases the Haunting Return of Michael Myers

Michael Myers is back, and his recognizable visage takes center stage on the new poster for the upcoming finale, Halloween Ends. Following the release of the first trailer for the slasher sequel, the poster comes courtesy of Universal Pictures, and finds Michael Myers’ masked face haunting us all for one last time.

Universal Pictures

While the poster does not give too much away about the movie overall, we can see that Michael Myers’ iconic mask remains battle-damaged from his previous bloody adventures in 2018’s Halloween and last year’s Halloween Kills. The last audiences saw of Myers AKA The Shape was being beaten to what should have been death by Tommy Doyle and his mob of vigilantes. Of course, Myers is no ordinary man. Leaping quickly to his feet, Myers massacred the mob before returning to his childhood home and murdering Karen Nelson, the daughter of Laurie Strode.


Thanks to the trailer’s release, we now have a much better idea of what to expect when Halloween Ends hits theaters later this year. Described as Laurie Strode’s last stand, Halloween Ends will pick up four years after the events of Halloween Kills. Laurie is now living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and is finishing writing her memoir, while Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since killing Karen.

Laurie, after allowing the specter of Michael to determine and drive her reality for decades, has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell; The Hardy Boys, Virgin River), is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all.

Halloween Ends Will Not Play Out as You Might Expect

Universal Pictures

While both the poster and trailer all seem fairly status quo for the modern Halloween trilogy, creator and horror legend John Carpenter has hinted at how the finale will differ from what has come before it. “Well, it’s Halloween, and it ends. You’ll see it’s a departure from the others,” Carpenter revealed recently. “It’s interesting. Dave is a really good director. I love working with him.”

While the sight of Laurie Strode doing battle with Michael Myers is something that we all expected to see, there are several surprising elements to Halloween Ends that have already been revealed. Leaping four years into the future (now the present) is certainly an intriguing way in, as is Laurie’s decision to move on from the killings and start a new life. Even the way back into the story, with Corey Cunningham accused of a babysitting murder, all suggest that Halloween Ends may not play out as we might have envisioned.

Directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier, Halloween Ends stars Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, and Omar Dorsey.

Halloween Ends is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2022, by Universal Pictures.