Halloween Ends Director Recalls Jamie Lee Curtis Filming Final Scene as Laurie Strode

The new movie Halloween Ends is now available in theaters and on Peacock, and far and wide, horror fans are tuning in to see the final battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. In 2018, this new trilogy of movies began with director David Gordon Green bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis for one last hurrah as the popular final girl. With no plans to continue the franchise at this time, Halloween Ends was designed to serve as the final chapter of the Michael vs. Laurie saga, and it’s unlikely JLC will ever play the role again.

Following the movie’s premiere, Green spoke with THR about working with Curtis and wrapping up her run as Laurie Strode. There was a moment during production when Green had to call cut on Curtis for the final time, wrapping up her time in the role she’s been playing since 1978. After filming JLC’s final shot for the film, there were “enormous emotions” flooding the set, as Green explains.


“There were enormous emotions. It was late at night, we were all exhausted, but it was bittersweet. We’re really proud of what we’ve done, and it’s hard to say goodbye. I’m confident Jamie and I will work together in other forms and capacities forever, but Laurie is a character that means so much to millions of fans. She’s a huge part of her professional career, so it was a beautiful thing to be a part of that goodbye. It wasn’t just, ‘Hey, Jamie Lee Curtis has wrapped, y’all,’ but it was also that we were coming to the end of our story, which has lasted 44 years for her.”

Green also stressed that it was difficult bringing the production to a close altogether, as he’d gotten to be so close with JLC along with the rest of the cast and crew, especially those who’d been a part of the trilogy since the 2018 movie.

“It’s really significant in so many ways, and there were smiles, cheers, applause, and tears. The beauty of making movies with this particular group of colleagues is that we all care so much about what we’re doing, and we try to put all that we have to offer in the work that we do. So it’s inevitable that you become really close in doing that, and saying goodbye to a cast member or character often has that kind of emotional residual.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Finished Playing Laurie Strode

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Jamie Lee Curtis will probably never play Laurie Strode in another Halloween film, but even if that’s the case, the character is not going away. While speaking about the end of her run in the role with Jake’s Takes, Curtis recently said that she has become synonymous with her Halloween character, and because of that, she’ll be taking Laurie around with her everywhere she goes. As JLC puts it:

“The beautiful part is I’ll never, ever be separated from her, because everywhere I go, that’s who people (know me for). I don’t care what I do, it doesn’t matter. Everywhere I go, people know me from Halloween, and they love me for Halloween because they love Laurie Strode. So, Laurie Strode and Jamie Lee Curtis are absolutely woven together, and when I’m dead, (the headlines will read) ‘Halloween actress dies.’ Done. There is no separation of church and state here. I am Laurie Strode, Laurie Strode is Jamie Lee Curtis. We are the same.”

Halloween Ends is playing in theaters and on Peacock.