Hailee Steinfeld Reportedly Being Lined Up for More MCU Appearances as Kate Bishop

Hailee Steinfeld has been one of the most popular new additions to appear in the MCU’s phase four offerings, and it looks like her fans will be getting to see her Hawkeye character of Kate Bishop in a number of new projects. With Hawkeye being one of the many Marvel Studios shows to get nods in the Emmy Awards’ nomination list, it seems that along with the upcoming Echo spin-off series, Steinfeld’s Bishop is being lined up to appear again in “other MCU projects going forward” according to Variety.

Although there is no other information seemingly available on this right now, it is an interesting note with the recent announcement of Daredevil’s new series being confirmed to be happening, Echo already in production, and the ongoing rumors of a Young Avengers series being in the works. One place that it seems Kate Bishop won’t appear is in a second season of Hawkeye, which has now been submitted in the limited series category of the Emmy’s, meaning that it looks like there are no plans for a continuation of that show.


However, with another Daredevil returnee, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, set to make another comeback in Echo, it could be possible that Steinfeld could once again cross paths with the Tracksuit Mafia, Kingpin, or Echo in the series, but either way, it looks like Kate Bishop is only getting started as one of the MCU stars of the future.

Hawkeye Gained Two of Marvel’s 19 Emmy Nominations

Marvel Studios 

Moon Knight and Loki have led the way for Marvel Studios in this year’s Emmy nominations, respectively earning eight and six nominations. Along with What If…?, Hawkeye has added that tally in a small way, with nods in Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or Variety Program and Outstanding Stunt Performance. However, despite a broad span of nominations across four different series, they failed to match the massive 23 nominations WandaVision pulled in on its own last year. The main reason for this seems to come down, in part, to a complete snub in acting categories.

It is not unusual for Marvel Studios to be left out in the cold when it comes to awards, and while WandaVision secured nods for Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany and Kathryn Hahn, there have been no acting nominations this time around in either lead, supporting or even guest categories. Just to hammer home how little love has been given to the likes of Moon Knight and Loki, many of the acting categories contain multiple nominations for shows like Succession, Hacks, and Dopestick, proving once again that there is a reason why most actors do Marvel shows and movies for the sheer fun of being part of that world than for the hope of award recognition.

Probably the biggest disappointment for Marvel will be Oscar Isaac missing out on a Best Actor nod, especially considering the praise he was given by mental health charities for his portrayal of the main character’s Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, Moon Knight has done enough to be one of the most popular additions to the MCU, and a lack of shining awards isn’t going to stop the Marvel bandwagon from continuing to roll on for another decade or more.