Gwendoline Christie Would Love to Return as Captain Phasma, Says She’s ‘Worthwhile to Explore’

Captain Phasma was yet another Star Wars character who was too short-lived in the franchise. Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and General Grievous are all characters with surprisingly little screen time during their initial debuts. However, their backstory and lore were expanded upon in different shows, comics, and video games, giving the characters a far more significant role within the Skywalker-Saga of the Star Wars universe.

Christie’s character was seemingly killed in The Last Jedi by John Boyega’s Finn. However, her character appeared again in the animated series Star Wars Resistance and in a comic run centered on the character, Star Wars: Captain Phasma. During an interview with Empire, Captain Phasma actor, Gwendoline Christie, said she would love to return to the character and is open to different mediums to explore the First Order Captain.


“I haven’t read the comics but, I mean, it’s Star Wars! I would absolutely love that. There was a template for a character that people got really excited about. It would be smashing if they felt that it was worthwhile to explore, along with some fabulous action.”

Christie is known for her role as Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s mega-hit series, Game of Thrones. She portrayed the courageous character for seven seasons on the show, catapulting the actress into the spotlight. She would love to have an equally iconic role with Captain Phasma, but Disney and Lucasfilm must first find a place for the character within the ongoing universe.

Gwendoline Christie Was Excited About Her Lego Star Wars Appearance

Despite not working on Lego Stars Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Gwendoline Christie was excited about her appearance in the popular video game. The Skywalker Saga covered all nine main Star Wars films, meaning Captain Phasma was a character fans could play as in two of the movie-turned-to-video-game adaptations. She told Empire she used to be a big computer game player and would return to the platform to try the game herself.

“This is the next step for me because as a teenager I was quite obsessed with computer games, and I was quite good at them. I think it’s time to revisit them because they could be everything I had initially wanted them to be. There are entire worlds out there [where] we can investigate our megalomania!”

Although several iterations of Captain Phasma have appeared in various media, Christie would love the opportunity to play the character again as there are still so many unexplored possibilities with the First Order Captain.