Grounded Video Game to Be Adapted as Animated Series

Grounded, the Xbox video game that was originally released in 2020, is getting developed as an animated series. The game, which takes inspiration from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids as a story about shrunken youths fighting their way through insects and other hazards in the grass, will be adapted for television by Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman. Per Deadline, the TV series, which doesn’t have a network or streaming home just yet, will be set in the same world as the game while similarly following four kids who’ve been “grounded.”

The series is getting adapted by Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox in association with Waterproof Studios/SC PRoductions, Kinetic Media, and Bardel Entertainment. This is also not the first video game adaptation with Friedman’s involvement, as he is also attached to an Earthworm Jim series with Brien Goodrich (Halo) set to direct. You can read a logline for the Grounded series below.


Four friends, who the summer before high school, plan “big things” to elevate their social standing, but their plans are upended when they stumble upon shrinking technology that makes them two inches tall. Now the four shrunken friends must learn to survive in a towering backyard that’s a jungle full of enormous predators and hiding a vast corporate conspiracy threatening their entire town.

“We couldn’t be more excited about diving into the whimsical universe of Grounded,” Tina Chow, CEO, Bardel Entertainment., said ina statement. “This partnership will be one of great collaboration, expanding on an already wonderful journey of exploration and adventure.”

Carl Whiteside, MD, WP/SC Productions, added: “The team at Obsidian have created an incredible world that has already grabbed the attention of the gaming community. We are excited to work with our incredible partners to bring the story to life in an animated series.”

Grounded Becomes the Latest Video Game to Be Adapted

Xbox Game Studios

It’s not surprising to see new adaptations of video games getting announced. The immense success of movies like Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequel, as well as the Halo series on Paramount+, have ushered in more video game adaptations that are now in development. Some of the other adaptations in the works include The Last of Us at HBO and Twisted Metal at Peacock.

The video game version of Grounded continues to remain popular. As of this year, more than 10 million players have checked out the game, which was also nominated for Innovation in Accessibility at The Game Awards in 2020. It was initially released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One via early access in 2020, but it is set for a wide release in September. In the game, players must find food and water to survive after they’ve been shrunken and wind up in a backyard. All the while, they’ll be faced with spiders, bees, dust mites, ladybugs, and other various creatures that serve different purposes, and some are friendlier than others.

Grounded doesn’t yet have an announced home or a premiere date set at this time.