Giancarlo Esposito is Rumored for Professor X Role and Fans Are on Board

Fans of Giancarlo Esposito have been anticipating the actor’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as for years, there has been a lot of speculation over which character he could play. Recently, new rumors have emerged that Esposito is up for the role of Professor X in the X-Men reboot that’s in gestation at Marvel Studios. As of now, the rumors are unsubstantiated, but they have nonetheless generated a lot of discussion online with fans taking well to the idea of Esposito as Charles Xavier.

“If rumors are true and Giancarlo Esposito is the new Professor X, I am 1,000,000 percent down,” one tweet reads.


“If there’s anyone that I would want to replace Patrick Stewart as Professor X, it would definitely be Giancarlo Esposito,” says someone else. “I REALLY hope that rumor is true, because I’m a massive fan of his. Also, after many years of him being the villain, I’d love for him to be a hero now.”

Presuming it’s too good to be true, another fan tweeted, “Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X is my new all-time favorite Marvel casting rumor. I desperately wish it was true but I’m sure it’s not.”

“I am absolutely ok with Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X,” another tweet states. “I bet he’s gonna love being a good guy for once too. Looking forward to this if the rumors are true. He’s an excellent actor.”

Giancarlo Esposito Is Wrapping Up His Run as Gus Fring on Better Call Saul


Fans are clearly on board with Giancarlo Esposito coming into the MCU. His name has also come up a lot with fantasy casting as someone who could play Doctor Doom in the next Fantastic Four movie. Others have been advocating for Esposito to play Magneto based on how the actor has consistently done well with playing villainous characters in other popular TV shows. That includes Moff Gideon in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian as well as Stan Edgar in Prime Video’s superhero satire series The Boys.

Esposito is also appearing every week in new episodes of the final season of Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad prequel series has featured Esposito prominently in his role as Gus Fring since the third season. While this seems to be the curtain call for the character, Esposito has not given up hope of playing Gus one more time in his own spinoff series. He is keeping the door open for another Breaking Bad spinoff that focuses on Gus continuing to build his empire in the years before Walter White becomes Heisenberg and destroys everything.

“I always feel like, every time this ends, I always feel I have more to give,” Esposito said on The Rich Eisen Show. “I’ve always wanted, I’ll just say it, I’ve always felt in my mind there is room for ‘The Rise of Gus.’ This show’s about Jimmy McGill, it’s a reflection of who we are and what we do, and who we become. How you become comfortable with that, justify it… Jimmy has a line in the fourth season, ‘I’m good at this!’ And you know what, I’m good at this. I can play this guy. And sooner or later, you’re going to see the whole picture, I believe.”

With Better Call Saul ending this summer, Esposito’s schedule will be more clear, so perhaps he can step into the MCU if The Rise of Gus doesn’t come to fruition.