Gangs of London Star Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù Talks Potentially Playing James Bond

Gangs of London star Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù has responded favorably to the idea of being crowned the next James Bond. Though the actor worries that, the more he talks about it, the less likely suiting up as 007 will become. Discussing potentially taking on the iconic role following the departure of Daniel Craig in last year’s No Time to Die, Dìrísù discussed his odds, explaining that the closer he gets, the further away it really is.

“I think the shortest I’ve ever been at any one time is 6 to 1, and that’s too close. I think Bond is the kingmaker — rather than [that] someone who is already king gets to be Bond. So yeah, the shorter the odds are, the less likely it’s going to happen.”

Dìrísù is absolutely right that the role of James Bond rarely goes to the favorite, with both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig being total outsiders at the time of casting. While his odds have been shorter here and there, he currently remains relatively low on the list, with the usual suspects’ Henry Cavill, Rege-Jean Page, and Tom Hardy taking the top spots. Speaking with THR, Dìrísù continued, revealing that the idea of playing Bond has been in following him around for a long, long time.


“I played Macbeth in a school play and my best friend was like, ‘Hey, you’d be a great Bond.’”

While he dismissed the idea at the time, casting him as James Bond has been mentioned throughout his career, with his role in the television series Gangs of London perhaps the best demonstration so far of how well he would do if given a license to kill.

“It’s something that has crept up over time. But then you do a Gangs of London, and the world gets to see you.”

Alongside Gangs of London, Dìrísù has starred in the likes of The Huntsman: Winter’s War and the Netflix horror movie His House, as well as the sci-fi series Humans and Black Mirror. He can next be seen reprising the role of Elliot Carter aka Finch, an undercover police officer who has infiltrated the ranks of the criminal Wallace Organisation in the second season of Gangs of London.

Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù Recently Lost the Role of Constantine in a Now Canceled DC Series

Sky Atlantic

Recently, Dìrísù sadly lost out on another iconic role. The actor had been tapped to play the DC paranormal detective John Constantine in a potential series set to be produced by J.J. Abrams. Unfortunately, this small-screen project has now been canceled in favor of a big-screen sequel starring Keanu Reeves.

But Dìrísù holds no ill will, and has since come out in support of the plans for Constantine 2. The humble actor has now said how “lovely is it to be respected and regarded” for such major roles.

“If they’re thinking, he’d be a great Bond, I can change the character in my head to fit him and I think he’d do it justice, it’s a vote of confidence that I really appreciate. But then any frustration comes the fact that I remember it’s not in my control. I can only do my best work and see what I get offered.”

Gangs of London Season 2 will premiere on 17 November 2022 on AMC+.