First Nope Reactions Have Critics Saying a Resounding ‘Yes’

The first reactions to director Jordan Peele’s Nope are now in. And it appears to be a resounding ‘yes’ from all who have seen the unique filmmaker’s take on sci-fi horror. Starring Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, Nope follows the residents of an isolated town who witness a mysterious and abnormal event. Basically, it’s aliens. And apparently, it’s excellent.

Since the initial announcement, Nope has been double-wrapped in mystery, and it sounds like this approach has worked out, with many praising Nope for being far different from what many had expected. While we know that aliens will play a major part in the narrative, we do not know exactly what Jordan Peele, who has already proven his affinity for subverting expectations, will do with the involvement of extra-terrestrials.


In fact, so surprising is Nope that some lucky viewers will need to take their time and chew on things for a while before coming to a conclusion about what they have seen.

Nope is Jordan Peele by Way of Steven Spielberg… With Added Subtext

Universal Pictures

Many of the reactions have compared Jordan Peele to various acclaimed filmmakers, from John Carpenter to Alfred Hitchcock, but the majority cannot help but make comparisons between Peele’s latest offering and the works of beloved filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Comparisons to Spielberg are clearly something that Jordan Peele hoped to achieve, with star Daniel Kaluuya recently likening Nope to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. “Nope—I feel like it’s almost horror-adventure. I hope you don’t mind me saying, like Close Encounters,” the actor said. “I remember when I watched that for the first time, probably about four years ago, and I was like, Wow, this has stood the test of time. This is an incredible film now, especially with all the technology and all the kinds of stuff that he’s managed to make. It’s like epic horror, essentially.”

Of course, not everything can stay positive forever, and sadly not everyone was as captivated by Nope. One reaction even calls the movie the most disappointing of the year following so much hype.

Nope follows O.J. and Emerald Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer respectively, and centers on the residents of an isolated town in California. Among them are ranch-owning siblings James and Jill Haywood, who are tormented by the presence of an unidentified flying object, also known as a U.F.O. After witnessing the peculiar shape in the sky, the Haywoods decide to make the best of the situation, with the pair attempting to capture the U.F.O. on film and perhaps save their ranch from closing down. Unfortunately, the UFO does not take kindly to this, and decides to torture the siblings and the town.

Written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele under his Monkeypaw Productions, Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Judas and the Black Messiah), Keke Palmer (Hustlers, Lightyear), Steven Yeun (Minari, Okja), Michael Wincott (Hitchcock, Westworld), Brandon Perea (The OA, American Insurrection), as well as Barbie Ferreira, Donna Mills, Jennifer Lafleur, Andrew Patrick Ralston, and Keith David.

Nope is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2022, by Universal Pictures.