First Luther Movie Images Find Idris Elba Out in the Cold

Detective Luther leaves the streets of London behind in the first images from the upcoming Luther movie. The pair of images find Idris Elba once again suiting up as Luther, with the detective and his unorthodox methods heading off to unfamiliar territory and, quite literally, leaving him out in the cold. You can check out the new images from the Luther movie below.

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Released courtesy of Empire Magazine, this first look at Luther reveals how different the movie will be from the hit series, as it tears the character from his backyard and dumps him into totally different surroundings. “We really peel the onion back here because we had the time and scale to do that,” Idris Elba says. “It also gives Neil [Cross] a lot more, you know, Luther-land to play with, in terms of where Luther can go, how he goes, what the landscape is. We break out of the gritty streets of London; we take it outside of that a little bit. And that’s great. It feels like now we’re entering a different life of the Luther experience.”


Of course, while Luther may find himself walking in the snow (an image that is incredibly jarring), the movie will not change everything, maintaining the darkness that has made the series so popular with audiences. “It’s really dangerous when expanding from television to film to throw a lot of money at it, and for that moment to change the characteristics of the show,” Elba continues. “I wanted to make sure that even though we had a bigger budget, [we didn’t] distort the parameters of Luther-land too much. We do amplify the action and do amplify the stakes. But [Season 3’s] man-under-the-bed moment? That don’t cost you much money. Those moments are still intact.”

Of course, while the Luther movie will clearly tell a different sort of story, the wool jack and red tie ensemble remain. Because, frankly, it wouldn’t be Luther without them.

The Luther Movie Will Debut on Netflix


The Luther movie will serve as a continuation of the television series of the same name, which has been met with much acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. The BBC series first began in 2010 and follows Elba as the title character John Luther, a passionate detective who ends up befriending a psychopath and murderer whom he fails to arrest due to lack of evidence. Over time, the pair grow closer and often work together to solve all manner of horrific criminal cases.

Fans of the series have been crying out for a movie for quite some time, with Idris Elba confirming that production on the project was finally underway back in 2020. While plot details have been kept under wraps, the movie’s cast has been confirmed and contains several clues. Elba is all set to be joined by Andy Serkis (War for the Planet of the Apes, The Lord of the Rings) and Cynthia Erivo (Bad Times at the El Royale, Genius: Aretha), with their characters described as a “double threat” to the titular detective. Erivo will reportedly play a fellow detective who will become “Luther’s nemesis,” while Serkis has been dubbed “the story’s criminal villain.”

Directed by Jamie Payne and written by Luther creator Neil Cross, the Luther movie does not yet have a release date but will debut on Netflix.